Painful Growth

Perpetual Growth


This life, this precise

moment presents all who live

with a space, a breath

between the all the moments where

intelligence grows

beyond the scope of the mind;

a flash of lightning

or an inspired answer;

life gives us these precious times.


And for a moment,

a beautiful moment I

found an answer to

one of the questions that I

carry deep within

my soul that has been long sought

out in you and in

that moment we found our truth

joined together in love.


As life moves always

forward and always alive

life moved and shooked us

apart so that we may grow

always forward to

bring our souls alive.

So in this moment

we learn to breath, not with our

bodies, but with our souls too.


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Love’s Destiny


Events comes as they should

bringing change as the could

so become like water and let it flow

this life and all that would.


Living this life in love’s flow

gives this world your heart’s true show.

Hold nothing back, masking nothing

always dancing with love’s sacred glow.


Become like water, flow over something,

everything that impedes love’s nothing

breathing through pain with love

manifests life’s destiny in something.


So dance with the falling debris above

ever tempting us to halt or to shove

leaving off our growth to come that should

continuing forth to the source with love.


That in this life and all that would

bringing change in all it could

bares a life built of our love

in events that come as they should.


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Take Some Time

A Pained Moment


Take this time,

this moment

right here and

breathe it in,

these deliciously

pained moments

that roam over

the heart. Seek

always to overthrow

the captain – the

mind’s voice, the

discerning thoughts-

and let the heart

take the lead. Lead

with a full trust in

love in these pained

moments where your

sanity hinges on your

calming breath.

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Higher Realms

That Land Of Magic


You take me to that

higher sphere, where

the land of magic reigns

supreme in the heart

of the beloved, so rip

apart this shroud that

distances you from me

and reveal the heart

of the lover to the

eyes of the the beloved.

Place your hopes in

his hands and rejoice

in the love that you share.


I take you to that

realm, elevating you

to your natural throne,

where in the times of

myth, the heart of the

lover mingles with the

grace of the beloved;

secretly blending the

roles of lover and beloved.

We ever seek to reach

those sacred heights

again, forever lifting

each other up to the

kingdom of the heart.


So, take me there, and

I’ll carry your load, upon

my back. Let us strengthen

each other in turns, giving

and receiving support, each

leading and the other

following in their turn. Yes.

Take this heart in your

beautiful hands and I’ll

take yours as we, we two

together, always move into

those higher realms where

love abides in grace and

beauty flows from heart

to heart always enhancing

the the lives of the beloved

and the lover, as our roles

blend into one wholeness.

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Unsought Sounds

A Creaky Door


A door creaks open

the wind is still, a

sigh flows through

your breathing soul.

What to do? What is

to be done? Feel

intensely. Feel it

all intently. Bring

awareness into your

being and grow the

magnetic light that

is your soul’s love.


The floor creaks

under the weight

of your step, the

windows fall shut.

what are you carrying

with you? What are

you holding to?

Feel your weariness

drop. Feel it intently.

Let your intelligence

grow in this life.

Bare your awareness

as a torch for your

heart to follow. Let

love be your guide

in this sanctified life.

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There exists a

closeness that

speaks of infinite

grandeurs laden with

a golden hue being

emitted from your

ecstatic beauty.

An angel descends.

A goddess comes.

Always speaking

the truth, that love

is all we breathe.

There is a closeness

that holds our hearts

in an eternal intimacy.


There exists a

closeness that

speaks of a noble

truth laden with

awe that gives way

to a bold understanding.

We all come from the stars.

We are universally cosmic.

Always bestowing an

elegance through life:

that love is all we

breathe in this world.

There is a closeness

that binds our hearts

in the quantum

entanglement of love.


There exists a

closeness that

speaks our heart’s

greatest secrets,

lifting a weight off

of our wearied souls.

A breathe strengthens.

A sigh releases.

Always relieving

the heart’s hidden

pain with a more

sanctified love, ending

the self-made crucible

our minds perpetually

play upon our hearts.

There is a closeness

that holds our hearts

in an eternal intimacy.

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Your Sacred Truth


Look inward and

see your truth. You

are the great Eastern

rains that wash the

plains of my temperate

heart. You always

nourish love with

grace-filled actions.

Look inward to see

your sacred truth.


Go inside your heart

and feel your truth. You

are the expansive Western

winds that whisper the

sacred hymns of my

heart. You always guide

the flight of our love

with beautiful trust.

Go inside to feel

your sacred truth.


Look inward and

see your truth. You

are the purifying Northern

snows that brings beauty

and warmth to the

fertile love of my

heart. You always

comfort the agitated

passions of our love.

Look inward to see

your sacred truth.


Go inside your heart

and feel your truth. You

are the warming Southern

sun that brings light and

warmth to the beauty of

our love. You always

shower this world with

a radiance that speak

of a divine love.

Go inside to feel

your sacred truth.

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