To Arrive

Breathe In Love


I have arrived,

coming home to

my intricate self,

having born those

ugly pains through

the seven layers of

my implacable hell, I

found my breath still

flowing and my heart

still beating. Yes I have

arrived home to my

heart to find in the end

that the true vision of

things seen is simply

a melding of the many

worlds birthed by

a sacred love.


I have arrived,

traipsing through

the celestial garden’s

of a lover’s heart. I

have come home to

my heart after an

eternity of darkness;

for any moment of

doubt, and moment of

dispute in the heart

bares the weight of

eternity, and each

night I shall sing in

glorious colors to honor

love’s sacred sight.

Yes, I have arrived to

find beauty in this

and all worlds near

and far, to breath in

life’s blessings in love.



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Cup Of Hearts



I take this cup –

the cup of your heart –

and drink that sacredness.

Tasting the purity of

grace and the beauty

of wholeness; I drink

from the river of silence.

I drink those blessings held

in the cup of your heart –

I take this cup –

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A New Day

Hearts And Thoughts


Hearts and thoughts,

yes they do fade in

time’s misty web

of memories past.

Yet, that love remains

for a love that is

shared and breathed

through life’s interactions

can never depart, though

characters and roles

do shift. Remember this

lover of life, that the

love you bare always

comes both from within

your heart, and also from

outside your empty self.



Thoughts and hearts,

they have faded and gone

far away, though wallow

not into that sorrowing

night, for a greater day

is upon you. Breathe within

your heart and lift your

soul to heaven’s great

height. Learn to live where

all your actions are done

with a fierce grace and

a lover’s touch held in peace.

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It is a lonely place

– this world of solitude –

to be exiled in the

land of mute echoes

seeking to find your

sacred voice through

the gentleness of the

souls’s blessed heart.


It is a lonely place

-this world of the heart –

to be found in the eye’s

sacred presence, steeling

yourself against the

immunity of Heart while

love lagged sluggishly

behind asking why.


It is a lonely place

-this world of breath –

taking in the life of

silence that creates the vast

space of our spirit where

we can find the sacred

presence and become

one with everything.

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You have lead me,

beloved mother of

this sacred life, you

have lead me to

the gate of wonder,

where love flourishes

with life in beauty. Yes,

you have lead me here

to this moment where I

can know myself in love.


You have lead me

sacred empress of

the universe, you have

lead me here to this

sacred silence: the

true silence where

the living experience

abides in love. Yes you

have lead me hear to

find myself in an

expanding self-love.

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Unified Love

The Shrine Of Our Heart


We, the people of

a wayward heart, see

gratitude in every

act: a handshake and

hug, a falling leaf, a rising

sun, storm clouds, the

trash truck going by. We

take time each day to

worship at the shrine

of our hearts to bask in

a gracious love, for we

are souls united, we

are a love made whole.

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Live Fully

The Flower


Breathe deeply. Now.

Take in those scents: the

grass in the meadows,

trees in the fields.

Breathe deeply. Now.


Live fully. Now.

Let your actions

be your scent: flowing

sweetly through air.

Live fully. Now.


Breathe deeply. Now.

Inhale those scents.

from others who love:

sweetness and saltiness.

Breathe deeply. Now.


Live fully. Now.

Be the brave flower

in the city of life:

flowers of color and light.

Live fully. Now.

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