Day 56 – To Be Known

Truths To Be Known

It has been known

by those blessed few

who know some things:

We Are Made Of Stardust.

Much wisdom is given the

rites of words to breathe

eternal. Those chosen few

yet recite the heart’s truth

daily: the farthest flung star

in the universe is revealed

by the things around it;

we shines because others

are there for us. Breathing

intention into the actions

that form our words honors

the life that provides the

rhythm to our heart beats.

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Day 55 – Dear, Of this – is true

Fear’s Comfort

Dear, of this – is true

Fear can be a tricky thing.

It can hang us up in the

phantoms of our past,

the aspirations

of a greater future dreamt.

It can confuse us,

bemuse us, and finally

lands us in the state ennui.

Dear, of this – is true

Fear can be numbing friend.

It fills life with a

stark silence of your muteness,

giving a sort of

comfort through discomfort’s breath.

Shake loose the rust and start to

move into your greater self.

Dear, of this – is true

Fear can be surpassed and won.

It takes the strength of

your eternity and the

courage found with the

vulnerable openness

of your heart’s blest truth

You need not a plan forward

just the bravery to move.

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Day 54 – Lifting Barriers

The Fading Veil

Barriers all fade as

the infinite veil lifts:

from body to body and

life to life love is a sort of play

as the spirit sports with time

The infinite veil lifts

as the barriers fade:

soul to soul – two wholes

made expansive become

the unified duality.

The barriers fade as

the infinite veil lifts:

breath to breath and

hands in hands we see our play

through our time of form.

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Day 53 – Where They Are

There In The Distance

Take your breath there

Where they are –

those great circles

aligning to bring

abundance to your

unguarded heart.

Take your mind there

Where that finite point is –

that point where the

essence of emptiness lies

within the heart of form ever

lingering, dripping of love.

Take your breath there

where it all happens –

there where sunlight

dances beauty off in the

distance where love

is the only language we know.

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Day 52 -Monstrous Feigns

Bless Without Warning

Hard times come with a

greater purpose than we know.

They come, they come and

they still come continually

to force us to know

our wholeness, our brilliance, our

sacred right to shine.

Welcome that pain as a friend

and treat it to your fullness.

Traumas will hurt you,

cut you so deep you’ll lose your

way, passions, and truth.

Keep treading in those depths where

monsters reign on high.

They surely will bestow you

with the very traits

you will come to rely on

to grow into your greatness.

Difficulties will

appear to hone your power,

dragging you tooth and

nail through fire and water

to finally catch

you up from your peasant’s past.

Go bathe in golden

waters to shine as the sun

and bless life without warning.

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Day 51 – You And I

To Ride The Moon

In the end, its you and I

and the dancing of the moon.

where the dripping springs fly

and winds sing the hushed heart’s tune.

To live there in that serene bliss

breathing stillness haughtily Ahoy!

hand in hand to bare your kiss

face to face with an authentic joy!

A lingering hope carries hearts far,

to hurl yourself into the bird flight’s vision

and venture true onto the fields of star

is to be the emenations of love’s mission.

To steel yourself to the immunity of the heart

brings chaos to the land of echoes’ mute

recognizes gratitude as time’s lost art

So, climb high to gracious skies high butte.

Hear the wind sing the hushed heart’s tune

where the dripping springs soar so high;

to go riding wildly with the moon

where our souls do meet with you and I.

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Day 50 – Living Rituals, Living Mantras

4 Mantras

For She is the Goddess inside attraction.

With closed eyes, open breath she grew:

Alahk Baba Siri Chand Di Rak.

She walks with grace in knowledge

that she always leans towards love:

Aum Myoho Renge Kyo.

With intentional breathe she tempts fate:

Ham Sa – Allah Hu – So Hum.

She moves with joyous serenity to

water her internal gardens with love’s breath:

Aum Mani Padme Hum.

For she is the Goddess inside attraction.

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Day 49 – Life, Gratitude, Beauty and Love

The Great Four


Life when


becomes a cosmic

dance, a give and take

with the divine.

Every breath – life’s pendulum swing

Every slumber – a lasting faith

Every experience – reason’s resonance

All things in One,

all things in Life.


Gratitude once

observed becomes

like gravity, a known force

yet entirely misunderstood,

always present yet mostly unseen.

Every act – an honorable gesture.

Every thought – an oasis of peace.

Every emotion – a lesson in expansion

All things in One,

All things in Gratitude


Beauty once

witnessed changes

everything within the

visionary, yet everything out

is the same – just more alive.

Every moment – a space for quiet observance

Every smile – an expression of a pained joy

Every feeling – the radiation of your truth

All things in One

All things in Beauty


Love when

understood unites

all things into one, enjoins

the microcosm to the macrocosm,

humans to earth, and earth to the cosmos.

Every entity – respected and revered

Every gesture – a call to act with grace

Every instance – a choice to move in closer

All things in One

All things in Love

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Day 48 – Hidden Mysteries

Greatness Exposed

There are mysteries

in life that will cease

making any sense at all,

feigning truth to passion’s

ascent to the universe made whole.

Apparitions of our fears

will consume the greater

phantoms of our desires.

A lifted veil.

A truth revealed.

A truth exposed.

A beauty lived.

Phantoms of our desires

surely enlivens the lesser

apparitions of our fears.

Lifting minds to that great

shore at dusk, life bares witness

to the splendid dalliance of

eternal lights to magnify

the mystery of our greatness.

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Day 47 -Opening To Love

Lessons of The Blushing Rose

And there it is

that mysterious hand

guiding myriad paths

to the perceived goals

leading to new beginnings.

And there it is

that authentic spontaneity

dancing life to the edge

of madness with the passion

of a thousand suns.

And there it is

that heart of time

veiling truth with myths

while elevating the mystics

with austere truths.

And there it is

that celestial garden

where wildness pervades

our cosmic eyes, ever

opening our hearts to love.

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