Day 46 – A Full Day

Today’s Bounty

It’s a great morning

for gratitude –

the first breath

after waking,

finding movement

expand through

your body, creating

the day’s intention

for gratitude –

It’s a great morning.

It’s a wondrous day

for tranquility –

feeling the waters

of nature’s pool,

peace through

the heartbeat

for tranquility –

It’s a wondrous day.

It’s a beautiful night

for expression –

finding the stars

in your eyes,

speaking truths

of silent hearts

for expression –

It’s a beautiful night.

It’s a magnificent time

for love –

sharing a closeness

that speaks honesty,

continually letting go

to give time’s truth

for love –

It’s a magnificent time.

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Day 45 – Transcendence

Life Progressions

She had been of late

fumbling, falling through

the darkness around her.

Nothing she thought passed

her grieving heart, only

pain, angst, and regrets;

with not a thing to do.

flailing, failing and

on all fours she fought.

She is living her truth,

precious pains succor

her growth forever forward.

Living, leaning to learn

her heart’s healing, budding,

burgeoning, blooming that sacred

blossom soon to flower into

the bouquet of her divine love.

Ablaze with love, excited

by her life, she stands proud.

Living, lifting, and lighting

she burns brightly as the

world watched with wonder.

She became the strength

she pleaded for earlier.

living, laughing, loving she

lives life with love made whole.

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Day 45 – The Seekers

30 Lines

We are all seekers

-some find, others learn –

each on our paths:

helping, hurting, aiding,

abiding, aligning, separating,

marring, healing, killing,

birthing, creating, destroying.

Each on our paths, some

learn while others find:

We are all seekers.

This is the song celestial

whispered in the hues

of lives lived fully:

in the seeking life finds

that life is fine; where

bodies move with intent

to find beauty in silence,

peace through movement,

and tranquility in activity:

This is the song celestial.

We are all seekers

-some find, others learn –

following the rhythms of

our hearts, the ideals

of our minds, the truths

of our souls. Finding in

the cloud of all things

knowable that life is a fated

prophecy made to love.

We are all seekers.

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Day 44 – Distant Stars and Future Homes

The Heart’s Vision

Every person is a world

unto themselves and I

look across the constellations

of night with my telescope of love.

In the looking I see

many would be suns with

more worlds than I could

count. Some nearby, others

more distant; each with their

name, each with they history.

I know them not, but gaze on

steadily in awe at that grand

majesty. Some shine on with

their peculiar light – shining

triumphant and bright; others

faint and feeble, yet they shine.

There are but few I eagerly seek

out across that blackness of the

night sky for they bring me such

joy, just to bare witness to their

radiance. Fewer still are those I

hope to one day visit and call home.

With this, my telescope of love,

I look out across the constellations

of the night sky and it echoes this truth:

Every person is a world unto themselves.

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Day 43 – Serenity

The Greater Silence

Silence brings it’s

own music touching

upon your tranquil

serenity. Look within

that silence, Nature’s

profound gift, to harness

your ecstasy. How would

you express that love? Do

you paint with the colors

of the wind? or sing with

the voices of the Earth?

Maybe you dance with

the rhythm of water? or

perhaps you create with

the truth of fire? or do

you embrace with

the closeness of space?

Take this moment, the

only gift you have to

give, to honor the

greater silence within.

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Day 42 – The Elements

Kun fa-Yakun

The elements speak

to us all: Kun fa-Yakun.

Breathe and become Air,

know that lightness and movement

flowing with gentle

ease with a dexterous mind.

The elements speak

to us all: Kun fa-Yakun.

The elements speak

to us: Be and then it is.

Fill your heart as you

fill your cup, drink deep that brew

and become that flow

of Water within, without.

The elements speak

to us: Be and then it is.

The elements show

their great truth: Kun fa-Yakun.

Close your eyes and feel

that stability within,

and know that your strength

comes from Earth’s solidity.

The elements show

their great truth: Kun fa-Yakun.

The elements show

their greatness: Be and then it is.

Light that incense and

breathe deeply into that smoke.

Set your intentions

and ignite your Spirit’s Fire.

The elements show

their greatness: Be and then it is.

The elements speak

their great truth: Kun fa-Yakun.

The vast night arrives

bringing Space for love to flow.

Take in that love and

become the Space where love lives.

The elements speak

their great truth

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Day 41 – Greatness Within

Here and There

And there it is

lying within the

glimmer of your eye:

the mighty majestic; that

feeling of the entirety of

this expansive universe

looking out onto it’s

mystically celestial self

through your infinite eyes.

And here it is

made manifest within

the acts of intentions:

the majestic made mighty;

that feeling of sailing the

oceans of your celestial

vibrations towards your

highest truths – that

true knowing of the

greatness within.

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Day 40 – The Locked Door

A Favor For Wholeness

Do me a favor, friend?

will you close your eyes,

and find your tightness,

that tension you never

speak of. Close your eyes

and make your way to that

locked door. Be at peace there.

Breathe and find that uncomfortability.

Be present with that discomfort. Lean

into that anguish and receive that

call to sing forth your pains. Breathe

to release. Do what needs doing:

Sing. Dance. Scream. Stomp.

Do what needs doing. Release and

find your breath. Lean into your

hidden pains, accept and receive

all of them with an open hand. Find

that uncomfortability beyond your

locked door deep within. Open up

that door and let your soul’s

music made whole rain glory

on this wondrous world.

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Day 39 – Faith’s Modicum

The Faithful Heart

A modicum of faith

whispers through the

writhing hearts always

towards a hope-filled


A modicum of faith

tempts the eager mind

to imagine your life

well lived with love.

A modicum of faith

touches the vulnerable

hearts to accept and heal

the past to fulfill the

promise of wholness.

A modicum of faith

propels the generous heart

forever far through the night

of the inner eternals where

love sustains the infinite.

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Day 38 – It Is Good

Our Outer Greatness

It is good –

to feel the dirt of

the Earth with feet

made bare, to dig deep

within the marrows of

life itself to find a world

made purified by experiences.

It is good –

to bare down in toughness,

to breakdown and know

that beautiful torment, yet

happiness is to still

feel that pain and press on.

It is good –

to loosen the rushing

tears of morose events,

to experience that subtle

release to transform into

a love made whole.

It is good –

to breathe the dust of

staged movement with

the anticipation of

something new; to find

flight in fanciful thoughts

within the writhing eagerness

that emboldens our

inner child to reach for

those distant stars of our outer-greatness.

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