Cycles Of Life’s Love

Revolutions Of Love


Through the tides

and times of life’s

procession, I’ve reached

a point of clarity where

the I have come to see that

the essential point in

this realm is to know

that we are spirit divine

experiencing existence:

– where ecstasy lives in

this sacred moment

– happiness lives in

this wild, wild world

– beauty lives in

this body made whole

– love lives in

this ever-expanding heart

All giving credence to the

soul’s truest passion that

illustrates the strength of

love which is a fierce

grace lying within a

fluttering heart whispering:

Beauty is a flowering virtue.


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An Exercise – revisited



the opinions

of  others – weighing

heavily upon the mind’s

mind – always seeking to please,

to assuage, to placate, to appease for

comfort and acceptance, peace

and ease – ease and peace,

acceptance and comfort,

lingering on a tenative

heart creating waves

of unwanted grace

in an otherwise

easy soul.


the future of

any endeavor

and lack of courage

to take a step, to make

a choice – any choice

in any attempt to

move in any

direction out

of fear of

a result

yet to


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an Exercise



a crispness

sharp and cold

white yet pure

bringing a stiffness,

it sends shivers

down the spine

and that brings

a subtle warmth

to a still and raw

heart made true

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God’s Whisper

Eternal Love


God’s whisper

came to me

through your

name – enticing

and intriguing –

bringing to my

heart a joyous

hope of the a

lingering and

loitering presence

of a possibility.


God’s whisper

came to me

through your

words – inspiring

and solidifying

a vulnerable

strength and

a holy reticence

throughout my

works and words

formed in love.


God’s whisper

echoes through

the stillness that

lies between

heartbeats – calm

yet suspended –

where the truth

of living is found

in the experience

of eternal love

found in your smile.



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Beauty And Truth


I can see

with eyes wide

closed your

sacred truth


this wondrous

world of

divine beauty.


I can see

with a mind

wide open

the magnitude

of infinite


that open up

to your presence.


I can see

with eyes wide

open yet stay


completely by

the magnificence

of your sacred

and beautiful truth.

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Bluest Winds and The Greenest Heart

A Rare Beauty


There’s a rare beauty

in this world, where

the eyes of the bluest

winds let loose their

movements to dance

inspired with the

three smokes of the

soul – that sacredness

which brings a light

joy and a peaceful

spontaneity that speaks

of your divine love.


There’s a rare beauty

in you that speaks

of a gentle strength

and a divine courage

that asks you to come

to the stage of life where

life gives opportunity

for you to dance your

soul’s sacred dance;

forever imbuing this

world with your beauty

made intimate in truth.


There’s a rare beauty

in this world where

the heart of the green,

green Earth plays the

song of love with the

rainbow water on the

streets, to lighten

hearts and elevates

our souls to give way

to the grand procession

of life with a lilting

step fated with grace.

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Full Moons

The Great Moon


In times of the

great moon, we

come to bloom in

our life’s greatest

strength. It shines

down it’s radiance

upon our creations

forever illuminating

our grandest intentions.


In times of the

great moon we can

to find the truth of

our manifesting

prowess – accepting

the path of our lives

that have lead us to

exactly where we

are meant to be now.


In times of the

great moon we can

bathe in the purity

of luminescence,

cleansing our

emotional spirit –

allowing us to

release all of our

limiting denials.


In times of the

great moon we can

realize our true

worth. We can finally

breathe in the truth

of our greatness,

infusing this world

with our creative

light that lives in love.


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