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heightened senses

Todays run was an amazing 6 miler. I was feeling great, my breathing was perfect and not forced, and I felt like I was a gazelle gliding effortlessly through meadows, while still feeling lighter than air, almost like I was bouncing off of clouds during my run. And while I was running a few strange thoughts, flowed through my cerebellum.

The first thought is one that I have had before. The thought came to me through a ‘vision.’ In this vision, I was lecturing a class about Locke’s essay, ‘On Liberty.” In it, he states that man has three unalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and Property. In this lecture, I take issue to the idea that property is an unalienable right. And contend that one can only claim ownership over that which s/he has created.  Thus, since people did not create their property, people can’t own their property. I will elaborate on this topic more, once I can figure it out completely.

The second idea is more along the lines of godly creation. It was encompassed by a light drizzle, and I had a thought that maybe weather patterns are just a means of procreation for the god in the god in the sky and the earthly goddess. Meaning, that rain/sleet/snow/hail are all forms of four-play, and tornadoes and hurricanes are a means of intercourse, leaving behind it a new landscape litter with destruction which is in its own form a new creation from nature herself.

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