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So, I just learned the word for word in Bulgarian, and that my friends is the word, “Duma” and now I go around saying it as a salutation to everyone.  I have also learned the word for Peace and that is Mira. As this is new information for me, I start every conversation with Duma and end it with Mira.  No one really understands it because that is not a common or appropriate greeting and salutations for people in Bulgarian. Either way it is new and still novel for me thus I will continue to say it.  They also have a lot of french infuence in the language. For example they like to say Merci, and Caio among other words. Therefore I am glad that I have my latin background in college, it is actually paying off.  Other than that, this up coming week is going to be a big one, I finally get to find out where I will be going, and what exactly I will be doing for the next two years, not that it really  matters that much, but it is still a good thing to know.  The biggest thing that I am missing right now from the states is my computer and all the music on that, because I figure if I can’t play music then I would want to hear it, and right now neither are available for me to use.

To pass the time, I have been reading a lot lately. I just finished the book “I hope they serve beer in hell” and have started re-reading Dharma Bums.  I have also read Steppenwolf by Hesse and Siddhartha also by Hesse.  I also read poems by Whitman, Thoreau, and Emmerson.  I also play ‘futbol’ regularly with the children in the town, and I play basketball with the teenagers and the kids, and I have started teaching them frisbee as well. That is going well enough, but it is tough since I don’t have my frisbees here.

Among other news in the American politics, I really like Obama’s running mate in Biden. I like what he has done economically for Delaware. And I don’t know how I feel about McCain’s running mate, because I haven’t heard that much from her, nor am I aware of what she has done.  So I am still an Obama fan, and plan on helping him out in November.

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News lately

Hello readers,

So for the past 3-4 weeks, I have been in Bulgaria, and will remain here for another two+ years for the peace corps. I am still struggling with the language, but surprisingly I am really good at pantamiming and  making up sign language. I really like it here thus far, and feel that I now have two moms, my real mom in America and my new host mom, or as I call her my Bulgarian mom. She has taken quite a liking to my cooking as well. My reputation is starting to preceed me, because now when I walk down the street I am known as the guy who cooks well.  I still have yet to get used to the altitude, so I don’t run as far, but it feels as if I am running farther than I ever have before. Well, I guess thats it, I have a presentation to give tonight so I should probably prepare for it. peace all.

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