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Day 6


Better than a thousand verses written with thoughtless words

Better than a thousand actions imitated by the witless birds

Is a single meaningful word said with all sincerity

A wonderful, invigorating action performed with purity.

The more completed with less brings everlasting peace

The one who seeks this will not yield to cease

Month after month they could offer sacrifices to the gods

Better still is the one who honors the path he trots

Better to live a single day virtuously and to meditate

Than to life a hundred years only to confuse and contemplate

Better than living a hundred years not seeing the way

Is the person seeing the way within a single day.

The Imperfect Man

The imperfect man stands tall with leafy head

Gropes forever upward hoping to be led

Drinking in the dew of natural thought

Embraces the ideals of which men are sought

Hoping to raise consciousness still higher

To hear the songs of the eternal choir

Finally coming to where he stands

Upon new shores he finally lands.

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Day 5

The Life of a Poet



As the flower wilts without nutrients

-too much water or sun, or too little

So the poet cedes life with no emotions


As the ax-man ceases to chop without wood

and the farmer with no farm

So does the poet with lack of words


The words become his tool,

inspiration his muse

and the works left behind- his legacy


To express what is written already

in the folds of society

it to express what was said in human hearts


Wearing no shield

bearing no armor

to live a life of total vulnerability


The shining beacon that nations hold high

claiming their glory for the sake of the motives

twisting truth to form an ugly lie


Truth distorted, truth said aloud

muffled by the clamor of all the babble

nothing is heeded, no word instilled with a heart


Wasting away and growing old

waiting for time to take his body eternal

this is how a poet lives and dies.

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Day 4

Call of the Gardener



To toil much and bring forth life

To follow the cycles of the moon

and heed the calls of the earth


To submerge your hands in soils

To  incubate the seeds and bulbs

and listen to the calls unsaid


To nurture a new life

To bring forth foilage

and give loving kindness


To manifest joy and love

To live a life fully sustained

by the plants that you gave yourself to

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Day 3

We the living

I am larger, more grand than I thought

Emanating greatness from others is often sought

Stretching my goodness into the great unknown

Encompassing all that dwell in space alone

I contain the north and south, east and west

The very worst in humans along with their best

I contain all that is good and true

And realizing this, you do too

The Heart Readers

To the ones who have felt the call

Reading what is written in us all

Finding the deepest desires in our heart

Elicits wisdom from the hidden part

Always seeking to give us guidance

Asking only for our own confidence

Answering the unasked queries

With an unknown lack of weary

Filling us with an infinite love

Manifested within and emanates above

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Day 2

Prayer in Motion

Meandering here and there

not knowing how I’ll fare

Yet knowing all that will come

is to be beneficial to some

Being well limbed and wanting

Experiencing life is less daunting

Traveling onward, to great new heights

For once to gaze on the celestial lights

Awakening to see life in a whole new way

This is our only cause to pray

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Day 1

The Time Gazers


The time gazers stand with brows aloft

Looking at the moon glowing soft

Contemplating the purpose of time

Willingly negating their soul of grime

Advocating a life of boastful activity

Condemning the life of modest tranquility

Asking inane questions of the illustrious stars

Forgetting to live the fullness of life that is ours

Musing on ancestry and adoring the names of the past

Noticing not the names that have come to last

To gaze back in time, the highest hill they will climb

Looking at the light that has traveled through time

Always forfeiting the needs of the present

To look upon the always hopeful crescent

To witness the moon glowing soft

The Time Gazers stand with brows aloft.

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Day 0

This newly ‘restarted’ blog is an attempt to get my writing back onto a more normal schedule, and as such I wish to start today, September 19th, 2011; year of poems, meaning it is my intent to write one to two poems and post them on here, as well as in my own personal binder, on daily basis. With that said, here is the first poem:

To you, Whom this concerns

To you, whom this concerns

Your body to earth will return

Be not scared nor anger shall stir

The cycle of life will not deter

Always moving in agitation

Instilling with us our imagination

Leading all into the fold

Forestalling none that has been told

Realigning the past with the present

Making our pain feel most pleasant

The cycle continues ever forward

Decreasing momentum in the coward

Lighting the path with more wisdom

Always creating a new system

Ceasing not until your death

Always seeking one final breath

The Sitting Tree

Longing for the day of rest

Where I can lay my weary crest

Searching for my sitting tree

That is always aching to be near me

Solace imbibes me to be at ease

Eagerly reaching for life’s keys

The impelling impetus forever leading

Guiding us to the fullest meaning

Sluggishly I amble forthwith

Seeking our the oracles of modern myth

Wandering hither and thither unable to see

Whilst the path leads me to my sitting tree.

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