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Day 25

Stitch by stitch we weave
the tapestry of our soul
may it keep us warm

Giving all gives us
freedom to give some more and
through giving we live

Warm thoughts heat our soul
Spreading love throughout ourselves
Giving us our love

Our engine the heart
burns energy to fuel our
movements for the world

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Day 24

A cold rainy day
brings vigor into our hearts
Making us alive

Together we stand
huddled against the wind and rain
to generate heat

Step by step we walk
deliberate and controlled
we walk down our path

The ground we walk on
lives as wholly and awesome
as the lives we live

Fallen leaves soon dead
will create new life on earth
for those who remain

Waiting for others
delays you along the way
yet shows strength and love

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Day 23



Messages written to us

sent from above

showing us the way life could be

if only we listen and see


Displacing the order

in which they came

giving more importance

to their lasting substance


Coming at intervals

Not for us to decide

Taking wisdom from the lesson

Continuing down through the succession


Gaining momentum

The continually glide

With the help of the wind

We will all transcend


Sending us shapes

From our unconscious

Lending us an internal eye

To glean a glimpse from high


Shifting and fusing together

Morphing from one idea to another

Leads to our growth

Giving us our divine oath





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Day 22

Earth (Part 1 of Wu Xing)



The earth that is pliant

Smothers that which is defiant

Always giving all that is needed

Blocks the running waters unheeded


The earth that is impassive

Relinquishes all that passive

Extending to all that stir

Life that gives back to her


The earth that is bounded

By the seas that are founded

Brings for metal from is womb

To encase the water in a tomb


The earth that is ready

Fosters life in the settee

Nestled deep within her cavern

The elixir of life is in the tavern


The earth that is wanting

Calls to the living that go hunting

Keeping her secrets closely guarded

Warning all who seek will be parted




In the realm of the living I am the ground

The world in which all things are found

The songs that are sung use my stone

To echo their tune and lively tone

The waves of the sea wash upon my beach

Extending the life of those that reach

The vanishing horizon enshrouds my scene

Taking from me, it shows the nightly queen

Man takes from me all my precious metals

To pay his debts and fill his pockets and kettles

The starry sky reflects upon my translucent shore

Their lofty place in the ever-expanding score

In the world in which all things are found

I am the place where all things are bound

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Day 21

To you


To you the world sends it glory

all its beauty and delicacies are for you

They are attracted to you by what is your essence

you always see what dwells within your heart


To you the world sings its melodies

in the harmonizing wind and rhythmic cries

Singing the constantly the song in your heart

Always giving your soul its own voice


To you the world sends its softness

Displaying all that is pure and innocent on the road of life

Preparing no way but the way you shall go

with the hardships necessary for your greatness to be revealed


To you the world arouses the most pleasant of smells

Emitting the elixir of life in their fragrance

Giving life to all that live with love in their heart


To you the world gives you the best foods

Sending you the freshest and purest foods

Ready and eager to please your palate with health and vigor

Transcending life into the eternal life of love


To you the world paints the realms of beauty

Discernible only by those who have eyes to see

Portraying the cosmic scene in your mind

Giving vision of lasting beauty to those who open their eyes


To you the world gives its bounty of love

To you the world gives its bounty of beauty

To you the world give its bounty of peace

To you the world sings aloud for all to hear


Unclog your ears

Unstuff your nose

Open your eyes

Unclench your hands

Clean your palate

Give yourself to the world, for she does the same unto you

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Day 20

Purity of mind

cleanses the evenescence

of your lasting life


The gray skies darken

lending to a brewing storm

nature will prevail


A red sun rises

Giving hope to all that live

Showing us our path


Celestial orbs

fill the night sky with silver

lights to guide us home


The raw and loving

heart exposes everything

to be futile


Serenity calls

tranquility by a new

and poetic name




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Day 19

Fragrant leaves falling

into a new realm giving

beauty and new life


The moss covered trees

stand tall and proud nuturing

all that dwell within


A falling flower

rises to new heights, floating

the butterfly glides


the misty seas rise

giving the goddess her veil

sense with water eyes


Glow worms are alit

shining forth radiance and truth

Teach us your knowledge






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