Day 35




It is late at night and the storm rages on outside. I sit and listen

The music of the thunder and drops of cold drops of rain beats the pavement and metal outside

Along with the intermittent howls from the mysterious wind

Sitting as I do amused by the wondrous music outside

I also notice the cosmic light-show going on

The streaks of white lightning spasm across the sky lighting up the darkness

As if god is trying to give us more knowledge by lighting the way at night

I long for the cold waters to be in contact with my skin, and opening the window drops start falling upon me.

I delight in the cool dampness on my skin rubbing my forearm where the water has landed

A strange thought comes to me; the type of thought that pulls at your memory banks of a life long past

A thought of pure truth that cannot be altered by the passing of time

What this truth is, I, the mind in the eye, cannot say just yet

Being like all wisdom, it cannot be passed down from one  having it to one not having it, it can only realized from internal inspection.




As I stare out at the storm, I see the scene before me transform into a quite different place.

I have been transported to a different realm and a different time. I am now a desert nomad

I have an intense knowledge of desert living, but little knowledge of anything else.

I know the parchness in my dry mouth, and how to only do activities in the morning and evenings

That is when it is most pleasant to do movement

The days  too hot to move, and the nights are too dark and cold to do anything

I know how to survive without water for long periods of time

How to use the rain water in the most efficient manner. I know to collect the rain water when it does rain

I know to save that water for weeks on in.

To know that to live in the desert, means to live with less of everything

Less water, less food, less possessions, and more interestingly less problems.




A streak of lightning and a loud thundering boom interrupt the scene

Brings me back to present day

The continuing pitter-patter of the rain on the pavement below

I fall into another trance

This time the scene is completely different.

I am now transported into an Asian country during monsoon season

I am a peasant farmer.

I have a completely different set of knowledge than before hand

This new knowledge consists of how to deal with excess.

I now know how to keep dry in soggy water

To protect myself from the rains and the consequent mudslides

The way to travel in a flood without swimming or the use of a boat.

I know the best way to dry my clothes in the rain. I know how to get clean water in a source of plenty of contaminated water.

I know how to live this life of abundant water.




A fly lands on my hand, and that sense brings me back to the present moment,

I realize that these two scenes have imparted the same wisdom

As I turn out the light to try to sleep, I find myself being lulled into another trance

This time I am transported back home during the summer months

To a time when the land is in need of water but is not in a drought

I am a farmer and am concerned for my plants and the harvesting of corn.

Then suddenly a storm comes and nourishes the plants with her drops of sweet healing waters

The plants are about with happiness and are fruitful

The storm then moves on, and provides its water for other places, and doesn’t linger to destroy what it helped create




Finally, I come back to where am at

Realizing that in the three scenes water the nourisher, the quencher, the drowner

Gives what is needed and then moves on to give unto others

I reach the realization that we, humans are the plants and love is our water the storm is God.

God gives us all the love we each need, but then moves on to protect us from greediness of love

To give it unto others who are in more dire need of it.

Truly an excess of anything is indeed hurtful to all.


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