Day 38

Song of the Eternal

I inhale great draughts of clouds
And extol great mists as my shrouds
Keeping calm for those who have deeds
Giving true strength to he that heeds
Exhaling truth in each and every now
Teaching everyone the honored right to bow
Always showing myself along with the weak
Humility severs you well if you wish to seek
Never faltering to live the life eternal
You shall need to revert back to the maternal
Waxing and waning like the sun and moon
To alter the melody is to make a new tune
What I give and what I take you can’t know
Wisdom is found deep within all, friend or foe


Time restlessly passes
Yet I stand still
Settings slowly change
Still yet I stand

Planets come and planets go
Yet I live still
Suns are born and others die
Still yet I live

Born of a conundrum
Yet I love still
Death comes but takes me not
Still yet I love

All things blend into one whole
Yet I give still
Take from me not, they soon cease
Still yet I give


Take from me what you will yet I don’t diminish
End all your activities and still I won’t finish
Residing in all things and also not at all
Finding me where I’m not won’t help your call
Better to look deep within your heart
For wisdom is the beauty of all art
Returning back to more simple times
Guides us back to world without crimes
Stop your searching and live to be
Empty your mind and learn to see
End your deeds and still I don’t finish
Take from me and yet I won’t diminish


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