Day 49

To You

You are beautiful
You are wonderful
– a miracle to behold

You are awe-inspiring
You are intelligent
– an honor bound by beauty

You are amazing
You are elegant
– a truly divine being

You are fantastic
You are Grace ideal
– an art in motion

You are Holy
You are profane
– a riddle unrevealed

You are perfection realized
You are wisdom incarnate
– an incomplete wholeness

You hold so much greatness
You lack nothing in any scope
– bound only by your thoughts

You hold so much wisdom
You teach by actions alone
– Grasping to all creativity

You hold so much elegance
You desire to be desired
– staying in Grace’s realm

You hold so much beauty
You allow austerity to reign
– imbuing love in the lover’s heart

You hold so much passion
You express your fevered pains with pleasure
– enjoying the wild ride of life

You hold so much freedom
You are the ideal of life
– encasing peace in the unruly mind

an idea perfected
a beauty refined
a wildness loosened
a wisdom revealed
an elegance personified
a dream manifested
a call answered
a profane mystified
a spirit endowed
a love ignited
a passion exposed
a poem lived


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