Day 57

The star-filled sky

I saw my body laying there, on the cold tile floor
no blankets on my body, only a shabby pillow for my head
half frozen I tried to sleep and as I shut my eyes
I saw it
The starlit night, the constellations reigning above
A star, a singular and omnipotent being
Started its way toward me
Falling slowly at first, then faster and faster
until its critical moment became so fast that you couldn’t see it
The critical moment, the star enters my forehead through my third eye lifting me upwards
The the celestial realms, where I could talk with those of the past
Yet learning much, finding that my time would better be spent giving love to all who fail to ask in fear and those who succeed to ask in actions
Slowly floating as a feather in the wind

I drifted downward-ever downward, until landing back in the body laying on the cold, cold tile floor, shivering all night long to keep my body from freezing


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