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Day 108

The Ending Paragraphs


The final few pages are

Coming to an end

The remaining paragraphs

Might contain all that

Drunken frivolity and

Happiness for all

Or a sobering passion

Which leaves you drunken

With love, that staggering kiss

It pauses time and

Enlivens senses


Perhaps the final

Paragraphs will yield steadfast

And meticulous

Promises made to better

Yourself and your world

Or false idealist

Statements made in a moment

But lie forgotten

In the bottom of your glass

What will lie hidden at the

End of this Chapter

In the Book of Life?


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Day 107 (yet another add-on)

A Passing Storm


A clearing lies ahead of me

A break in the tree lined path

The winds pick up and bring the

Spitting rain

The rain that stings as it hits you

There is a chilliness in the air

I grip my jacket closer to my body


Quickening my steps to reach

The destination – revoking the reason

For this walk, but I am cold

Drops of rain pelt my body

Like a forlorn traveler

I stagger forward

Rain hits me in my eyes

Allowing wisdom to seep in

I trudge onward

Struggling with every step

Sweat falls from my brow

Releasing my ignorance

Realizing that resistance is futile

I will be cold, I will be wet

I succumb to the will of Nature

Slowing my steps to gain peace

Erasing my arrogance and pride

To surrender to nature


Only to finally arrive at

The open valley where the skies

Are clear and the grass is lush

With dense with softness of life

Granting easy footing for

The wayward traveler

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Day 107 (add on)

New Terrain


The windswept terrain

Vanishes in the sunbathed lands

Guiding all souls to each other

Perpetuating creation in stranger realms

Adrift and setting sail on a sea of grass

I wander aimless and refusing directions

Letting my instincts and soul guide me

To where I need to go, to accomplish what

Needs to be accomplished

Finding new and more exuberant lands

Than what I had previously known

Unsure weather to stay or continue on

I let my heart decide the path

Taking off again on the wings of music

I am swept up in a creative frenzy

Letting go of judgments, attachments,

Ownership, procurements, and just acting

When all is finished, at the very end, I find

The sunbathed paradise of our dreams

Are held in the turbulent windswept terrain of

Our hearts.

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Day 107

Beautiful Stranger


I see you with permeable eyes

Constantly and consistently walking

I see through your obscure shell of clothes

And deep within your being

I see through your actions, thoughts and words

I permit them to be done, said, and thought

But lay no importance to them – they are not you

They cannot define you, nor can you define them


I see you driving in your car

Hastening after life

When you don’t realize that life dwells in you

You are life

You are beauty

You are an ideal

You are as you are meant to be

And cannot be any other way

Nor should you


I see you sitting in your cubical

In your office

At your computer

Hunched over the key board straining your eyes

You are not the work you do

Your worth is not tallied by your earnings

And savings

You are indefinably worth more

Your value cannot be determined


I give you all that I have

Beautiful stranger

I give you myself, worth more than my possessions

I give you my love, worth more than myself

Would you do the same, beautiful stranger

Could you give all of yourself to a stranger

Could you give all of your love to me?

If you cannot, that does not detract your worth

If you refuse it does not devalue your being


I look out on the streets

And I see beautiful strangers

Going about there business

Performing their actions

Living and engendering the world around them

I see a multitude of beautiful strangers

Walking down the streets.

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Day 106



The darkening night

Lights my darkening sight

Looking up I see a brightening smile

Selena is looking over me this night


I come to her with tears in my eyes

And my broken soul in my hands

Still looking down upon me

Selena is smiling with delight


With begging eyes and tear stained cheek

I ask Why do you delight in the misfortunes of man

Still she is looking down upon me

Selena is laughing with her sonorous laugh


You cannot know this wisdom

With a finite mind

You cannot see this beauty

With a limited scope


Do you not know that the deepest wisdom

Comes with the most painful hurts?

Do you not realize that the secret of beauty

Comes from the enhancing imperfections?


It is when you are at your lowest

Most dejected point in your life

That you can learn the most profound

Wisdom that life has to offer


It is when you are surrounded

With ugliness, and that ugliness starts

To consume you, that you can finally

See the real beauty in all actions


Now come here my child

And let me ease your sufferings

Look upon my face and see

The beauty radiating through you


Turning back to her to ask again

She tells me to look within

Asking myself the same questions

My heart laughs and spreads her joy


The darkening night

Lights my peripheral sights

Looking up I see her brightening smile

Selena is smiling with delight

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Day 105

The Uncarved Block


The uncarved block


Tempting the artists’ mind


Musing over the hidden forms


Finding beauty in the infinite possibilities


The thoughtful pose of the artists’ mind


Facing the uncarved block

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Day 104

With you I dance tonight


For you my heart leaps joyously towards the stars

For you my soul beats the timpani of the cosmos

Let me put my arms around you tonight

And let the rhythm take us in its gentle arms


For me your heart wildly jumps grasping the moon

For me your soul sounds the horns of the angels

Put your arms around me tonight

And let the melody sooth us with gentle hands


For us our hearts merrily frolics amidst the galaxies

For us our souls play the song held in our hearts

Put your arms around me tonight

I’ll put my arms around you tonight

And you and I shall dance tonight

The dance of life tonight

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