Day 95

By the Roadside I Wept


Walking down the street, letting my mind go free

Gazing up at the sky taking in the surrounding beauty

Slowing down to feel everything going on about me

Feeling the weight of my body, the kisses of wind

Finally coming to a stop, I sit cross-legged in a field

The sunset before me, the purple skies behind me

Colors blend into colors


Everything gets blurry, the wind howls in my eye

Colors mix with elements – pink and purple turn the grass dewy green

A fire blazes in the sky as Selena takes her seat amongst the stars

Visions blend with the sounds of the season

Sounds infuse the scent of nature’s attire

Scents enhance the softness of love’s garment

Feeling imbues the taste of Grace’s providence

Taste stirs the mixture of Eve’s vision

Mixing all into one grand concoction

Humanity’s consciousness is lifted


Sitting in the field, all this happened

Tears stained my cheeks, and the wind

Dried my face with a wiping glance

Apollo finally gone, Selena held command of the skies

Divining the world in her muted radiance

Seeing the future of humanity with tears in my eye

I stood and continued on my way


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