Day 102

An Evenings Saunter


At eventide I go out on my daily pilgrimage

Not to far, but a world apart

Slowly I inch, feeling my way

The impact of my heels and the roll of my foot

Slowing, with a strange impetus

I am propelled forward

Feeling the next foot hit the ground

For hours I walk, noticing every little nuance

The tightness of a leg muscle, or the weight of my jackets

Breathing deeply and thoroughly

Feeling the cool crisp air enter my nose

Filling my lungs and diaphragm

Finally extolling the warm stale air

Noticing how my abdomen collapses


Gazing always upward, towards the sky

I see the aurora of the setting sun

Sending its last gasping rays into the firmament

I see the birds merrily flitting by

Singing farewell to the day

I see the tops of trees dance

To welcome the healing night

I watch as the light gentle breeze

Kicks into a desperate grating howl



Suddenly I am stopped

Question by police

A suspect character is lurking

Somewhere in the dark

They think its me

Under my large dread hat

They search my pockets

And only find my pen

Asking me about it I reply

The pen is mightier than the sword

They laugh that off and questions continue

Why are you walking and where are you going

I walk for tranquility and towards no destination

It is oftentimes proven that the path we walk is

Irrelevant compared to the manner we walk it

Finally, after affirming the truth of my heart

The police allow me to progress, but still I remain



Turning to the police, I speak with love

Thanking them for their service towards community

I take their hands in mine, and bow my head to them

They in like manner shake my hands, and thank me

With a tearful eye



I continue on my merry way

Commencing to feel everything along my path

Noticing the sun completely gone

The rain has appeared

I take time to feel, taste, breath, smell, and hear

Each and every drop that hits my raiment

Moving my legs forward, I feel the muscles contract

The weight of the water is slowing my down

And I take delight in that


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  1. 1

    samsaria said,

    Very nice.
    One step at a time.
    One line at a time.
    A feeling, an atmosphere and a story emerging.
    Thank you.

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