Day 107 (add on)

New Terrain


The windswept terrain

Vanishes in the sunbathed lands

Guiding all souls to each other

Perpetuating creation in stranger realms

Adrift and setting sail on a sea of grass

I wander aimless and refusing directions

Letting my instincts and soul guide me

To where I need to go, to accomplish what

Needs to be accomplished

Finding new and more exuberant lands

Than what I had previously known

Unsure weather to stay or continue on

I let my heart decide the path

Taking off again on the wings of music

I am swept up in a creative frenzy

Letting go of judgments, attachments,

Ownership, procurements, and just acting

When all is finished, at the very end, I find

The sunbathed paradise of our dreams

Are held in the turbulent windswept terrain of

Our hearts.


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