Day 107 (yet another add-on)

A Passing Storm


A clearing lies ahead of me

A break in the tree lined path

The winds pick up and bring the

Spitting rain

The rain that stings as it hits you

There is a chilliness in the air

I grip my jacket closer to my body


Quickening my steps to reach

The destination – revoking the reason

For this walk, but I am cold

Drops of rain pelt my body

Like a forlorn traveler

I stagger forward

Rain hits me in my eyes

Allowing wisdom to seep in

I trudge onward

Struggling with every step

Sweat falls from my brow

Releasing my ignorance

Realizing that resistance is futile

I will be cold, I will be wet

I succumb to the will of Nature

Slowing my steps to gain peace

Erasing my arrogance and pride

To surrender to nature


Only to finally arrive at

The open valley where the skies

Are clear and the grass is lush

With dense with softness of life

Granting easy footing for

The wayward traveler


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