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Day 139

Come to Me


Come to me beautiful winged angel of mercy

Take my withered body from this place

And open my eyes to see that distant shore


Come to me white winged and ember eyed god

Grasp my hand and let us walk together

Down that lonely and single passage way only you know


Come to me you reaper of men

Sow my body unto the world

So that humanity may reap my words


Come to me angel of darkness and of death

Take me from this place for my deeds are done

My life has been lived and its time to soar


Come to me my beloved angel

Though my body be diseased, and my frail

My soul still has vigor and energy for one more voyage.


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Day 138 – haiku


The Dawn is passing

As the red billed finch perched on

The gray elm tree sings

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Day 137



To strangers of an intimate night

Lighting the beacon of the sumptuous procession

Come and join me in the mounting night air

The lovers of carnal flesh and tepid streams


To strangers of an auspicious day

Fresh spoken and haughtily dressed

Come and join me in the submissive warm breeze

The lovers of spiritual fortitude and calm waters


To strangers of lasting moment

Noisily clamoring through kind actions

Come and join me in the stultifying mists

The lovers of lean thoughts and mean winds


To strangers of peaking eternity

Light-hearted and fancy freed thoughts

Communing with the spirits of the aurora

These two strangers of an intimate night

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Day 136



Writing is a conversation


Through the world of clamor


Where the words are waves


Residing only on the paper


This shall be our sacred conversation


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Day 135

The Greatest Gift


To think good thoughts

Sanctifies the first gift

To be given by all for the world


Speaking good words

Purifies the second gift

For the giver and the receiver


Performing good deeds

Extracts beneficence of the whole

On the perfected part of one, the giver


Living truthfully trusting life

We realize the one truth: that

We are the greatest gift we could ever give!

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Day 134

The World We Love, The World We Live In


I look our and see sad faces all around

Knowing well that there is more to be found

Searching within the souls of strangers nearby

I find beautiful talents hidden where they lie

Venture forth, new comers of the artistic soul

Come and drink the delirious elixir from our bowl

Has the vixen of music whispered in your ear?

Granting you your allowance to sing without fear

Or have the sisters, Erato and Calliope told you what to say

As you sit there trying to write all that you may

Remain idle and desolate no longer, go do your acts

Be not discouraged by comparisons of the myriad facts

Create all that your heart desires and mind not their cries

They only clamor for fear of the succeeding soul that flies

For the world we live in is the world that we all love

And our talents accent the world and the heavens above.

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Day 133



Though conversations with today’s child

Many evoke the call to wilderness

That wild and untamed philosophy


But looking into their hearts

They know not what they preach

Saying to live free and do what I want


To live lively enough

A calloused heart on their sleeve

To live heartily and fancy free


Yet, when I look into the matter

The true wilderness of earth

I see neither petulant actions nor bleery mind


Gazing deeper into the thought

I come to find that the true lesson of

Wilderness is in the silence of hearts and stillness of bodies.

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