Day 122



A downcast and restricted spirit

Seeks always to be depressed even more

Wishing to see only ugliness around in a world of beauty

Finally succumbs to its fate and sees the dreariness within


Walking about the streets

Seeing rubbish, grime and dirt everywhere

Never to be satisfied with the filth without

Starts to look inward to see the pangs of hurt


Sitting before a mirror gazing anew

Staring at the images he sees the profane

The curve of his lower jaw, the darkening wells of the eyes

Becoming more dejected, he no longer wonders of the ugliness


Tempting harmful thoughts with the images

He sees the ‘truth’ of the heart, there is an emptiness there

He now knows the reasons of his predicament

Seeing past pains and unfulfilled yearnings – tears start to fall


A subtle change – a new vantage point

More light enters scene bathing the image

The heart beats a bit faster, hopeful to see

In the end that beauty has been restored


The ugliness that was at first present

Transforms into a marred perfection

The scar that brings attention to

The eternality of beauty retained.


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