Day 125

Three Parts, One Whole


Part 1

The realm of the heart

The hidden secret passions

Lie in wait, always

Reveal themselves in actions

You take without thought

To take in as much as you

Give and to give what you take


The secret pathways

Taken care of by the bards

But true ownership

Of the lands within the heart

Is ceded to Venus

That goddess who adorns our

Actions with elegant grace


To be known of it

And to know it in its own

Is to first see it

Everywhere as it creates

Balanced harmony

Between all who live within

This, the holy realm of love


Part 2

To see its body

All around is to barely

Glimpse at it truly

You cannot only see it

But it must be sensed

With every organ within

To infuse the thought

And manifest its meaning


The object must be

Sensed by every organ in

Our bodies, with our

Ears, with our tongue with our

Skin, and with our nose

How small it would be only

To be caught by our vision


In the land of love

The lordess of these lands treads

With soft skin and a

Feeling heart, Aphrodite calls each

To live with a grace

And to see that beauty lives

Not only in body but heart


Part 3

Though people converse

It is often thought that few

Hold to the virtues

To be honorable and

Live within the three

Realms holding yourself to the

Highest possible standard


To live with Apollo

And to heed his doctrine right

The true test of time

Is to live your life upright

Regardless of those

Who fail to meet your level

But judge not for they still try


With an eye outside

And an eye looking inward

We can see secrets

Lurking in the dark alleys

Of our inner mind

To see all that passes and

Only hold on to the truth


The Whole

The whole of the three

realms, the heavens, the earth, and

the seas, when combined

and placed in the mystical

procession of life

Humanity and its own

Consciousness slowly evolves


To live a life whole

Requires a life holding

To the virtues of

The three realms thought, living

Wholly devoted

To each of the three parts, the

Knower, Sayer, and Doer


Evolving human

Thought slowly advances the

Heart, enlivening

It to feel everything in

A single moment

Forcing each of us to live

With Truth, Love, and Beauty whole


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