Day 127

Balance – the subtle art in life

Requires naught but fortitude and strength

Revels in elegance with uncommon grace


Do you say that birth is a goodness bestowed?

I would conjure much goodness in death as you instill

For life has equal shares of both birth and death


True lessons contains wisdom balanced

Looking into birth we see life of vulnerability

Through death the lesson of letting go is finally learned



The life of balance has quality of work and play

Though may not require an equal quantity of both

Sharing an equal of importance


The life of balance incorporates equally, activity and idleness

Both in manner and in scope

In this the secrets of health is found


The life of balance measures both weights of causes and effects

Creating a symmetry profound and intelligent

Imbuing us with inspiration and beauty


The life of balance places the vinegar of hardship in the cup

Of sweet wine of ease, and sweetens the bitterness of strife

With the honey of hope



To measure the greatness of a man

A tally must be kept

To weigh the deeds of his body against

The interests in his mind

The true measure of a man comes not

From body or his mind

But rather the lasting, quivering soul

And the love that lies deep within


To seek the answers of his heart

Through divinity of his body

And the wholesome profanity of the soul

Or more vainly sought the seekers

Search the divinity of the soul

And forgo the profanity of the body


For the ship that carries cargo across the vast ocean

Is worth just as much, if not more than

All the precious cargo within its hull

More for humans to blunder

For we do not know the true mathematics

And value of God’s scales


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