Day 130



Reality – that flimsy film of bile images

Putting forth that insoluble dichotomy of

Cause and Effect – the birth of duality

Those who perceive the false icons of life

Fail to embrace the purpose to living – the power of dreams

Take heed of your urgings and promptings of your heart

They will guide you to there – the realm of happiness


Dreams – the fanciful realm where life changes property

The myopic duality transforms into one whole identity

Channeling and holding – the energy of dreams

Propelling life forever forward, forever alive

Challenging each within their own capabilities – always teaching

To follow with full ardor and passion, learning along the journey

To find joy and happiness there – wherever you go


I call you out – my friends and my enemies

I call you out for your whimpering and tepidness

You are weak, you are scared – do you think I am any less?

I go forth, as you should, but where we differ is in continence

I brave my forth-stepping travels, where you stay and sit – idly

You are vain, cruel, and a miser of truth – what you hoard I give freely

Will you not come, and brave the elements of the journey?

Will you remain seated there while life travels past you – always traveling

To follow yet not know where it goes, that is a curious joy to me

To break upon new, untried ground, there is a familiar giddiness

So lay down your arms, my bretheren – lay down your books too

The journey calls you to follow your dreams – and I to follow mine

I embark on a great journey, the greatest journey – will you not do the same?

To know not where you go, but to go there still, that is happiness.


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