Day 131 Cont.

Lovely Scars


To have a mar on the body

Mars the soul to squeeze our pain

Stitched together with love and time

Heals the hurt but not the pain

Salt soakings do little

For a grievous spirit

Acceptance mends together

Broken pieces of the soul


To truly embrace the pain

Accepts the effect and cause as it is

Releasing the angry sentiment

Mends the nearly broken soul

Adding an imperfect perfection

To the beauty of obtuse symmetry

Found always within the gentile

Human body of imperfect form


To showcase the brazen scars

For the world to see

And to remain vigilant in vulnerability

Is to live bravely

As a beacon of truth and trust

For everyone else who has scars

Are frequently denied and hurt

Sharing always a similar scar


To live a life without scars

Is to live a life without proof or merit

To never test yourself against life

And never to improve upon knowledge

It is wise to have many scars

To test yourself often

For the path of the student

Is in the path of making scars.


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