Day 132

Past Ghosts


Her eyes glistening with the vanquished ghosts

Of the irresolute past

Remembering the battles hard fought and won

Recreates the idea of strife yet again forever new

How many times, will she have to square off

Against the defeated in form yet alive through thought

Keep giving sustenance to those ghosts of the past

And they will survive for the time only in her mind

Taking from you what you will not give

And giving to you what you refuse to take

These ghosts, quickly conquered come back again

Each time she thinks of them, they steal her strength


Reflecting on her past she renews their strength

What was once a memory of her distant past

Reforms and starts the old battles yet again

She should learn, never to think

Of her traumatic and desolate past

Nor to give into fear for the future unknown

But to bask in the radiance, and the depth

Of the always present moment

The past is gone, and not focusing on that

Will keep the past in place, while

The future is yet to come, and

Will remain for all the time to come

Better to stay present in the mind

And moment to remain resolved from the past


Transforming plaintive thoughts into disastrous deeds

The ghosts of her tumultuous past

Lingers long in the fixed mind

Heeding not her bemoaning calls of truce

Stand firm and resolute, as a reminder

Of a penetrative truth

Focus on the here and now, and never of our past

What is done is done, and needs not review

Lessons, trusted, has been learned

For now she stand at the eve of a new day.


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