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Day 168

The River

The river of life flows down the mountain of dreams

Moving it’s currents with turpid thoughts

Cascading down perilous paths

Upon the sinews of bravery and courage

Turning against itself in miserable fashion

True eddies form, always eating away at its own strength

Rounding the corner to erode the past

The river flows on through rough and arduous paths

Along with the ease and peaceful flows

It knows well the time for fast paces and strong movements

The actions that are called for and the time for slow breaths

Gently nourishing more life unto itself consuming itself to birth itself

Finally coming into contact with the eternal majesty of the cerebral ocean

Mixing the waters of life with the waves of creation

Breeds inspiration for life to imbue the living with thoughts

Calling for action upon the divine life itself

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Day 167


Tonight darling

let us bask in the midnight sun

let each us throw off our fears and fetters

Showing each other our true essences

Tonight darling

Let me reveal to you my perfection

deep seeded and hidden always within

seeking to live in its own time

Tonight darling

Let loose your fears and reveal your whole

both hidden and revealed, perfected and blemished

Searching for the light of recognition

Tonight darling

I take all of yourself in me

will you not do the same for me

seeking always for the right partner

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Day 166

My Call


Call of the wild

compels me forward

never to live a life mild

to greatness or failure I go toward

Creating miracles and magic

wherever I should go

trying to lessen the lies of tragic

forever alive the path I sew

The world must be a mountain

for the secrets I speak

always by the fountain

echo back for all who seek

Coming back to the fountain anew

finding the truthful secrets of earth

I find how much my soul grew

Me, myself is in a new birth

The thought of my shout

I claim the treasures my mind has piled

Spreading lavishly for all who go without

I add my voice to the call of the wild.

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Day 165

Cup Of Life

Before the dawn of man

The Goddess came to each of us

Allowing us to make the concoction

That instills everybody with life

Three viles rests before us

One containing the elixir of beauty

Another the potion of knowledge

The third holding the essence of fortitude

Forming our own dosage, specific to ourselves

We take a little (or more) from beauty

Some from knowledge and some from fortitude

Pouring our mixture into the cup of life

Drinking from this holy chalice of life

We intake our passions for beauty anew

Sipping the knowledge to be ours along

With the fortitude to follow through our goals

Finishing the drink of life

Ee utter our howling cry of death

Transforming spirits into body

We are born into the world of terrestial pleasures 

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Day 164

My Heart

My pulpuous and raw heart

sheds bloody tears of

lonely recompense

Forever yearning for service unto

the one who will accept my heart

My watery eyes

shed the willful blood of

empty sorrow

Eternally bound to labors to

the artist that will paint my life with company

My arid soul

scars the palpible temperaments of

Sordid and lonely hearts

Infinitely tethered

To the one who will unbind my heart with love

My pulpuous and raw heart

sheds its vigorous tears of

a loving but not yielding passion

Forever bound

To the one who gives her heart to me.

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Day 163


Alone I sit in my tiny corner of the world

no covering for my head, no shelter for my body

Hidden from the public – only shown to nature

Puddles forming all around, one eating the oily ground

I get lost in my surroundings ceasing to exist in the public sense

During the rain my body gets soaked and I come to understand

this new paradigm will certainly change through experience

The realization embibing isolation resulting in dispair

Analogous of storms in nature, this emotional one will soon pass

A new day will dawn and the sun will shine

Trully life will seem more livable then

The realization comes to fruition gaining the insight

We, the inhabitants of earth, are just characters on the stage of life

We do not have an identity, we have nothing which we claim

All our clamor is for naught, and all will turn to ash before our eyes

Life seems to be a pointless endeavor that we all must face

Awaking from this nightmare of a despairing spirit

I open my eyes to see the brilliant rays of the glorious sun

Beauty transformed dark into light and staring at this we see God

(for the face of beauty is the face of God)

The glimmering rays of the sun showered down over

The glistening puddles – rainbow streaks of oil filled the eyes

And on further inspection I saw beauty that changes lives in the making

Altering my decisions leads mä to a new journey

Venturing from the deepest pits of emotional crises

To the highest peaks of jubilations and finally leading

Me to where I stand now, in the present Moment

Without moving from the puddles, I traversed three differing realms

And I experienced all of this.

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Day 162



Choices abound in life

Leads towards a differing end

Approaching  ends through actions

Forms a new start


Each new beginning

Approaches as an innocent choice unmade

Following down the course of life

We come  to know the three


Choices starts the progress

That action takes up until the very end

Where Results come to reap what has been sown


Searching deep within

The wise soon come to see

Choice, and Result are one of the same

Human consciousness



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Day 161



Limber limbed and slender hipped

I rejoice with the comencement of dawn

Seeking always to perfect the activity of life


Active body and nimble mind

I  dance lively with the blazing day sun

Striving always to complete the dance of life


Flexed muscle and vigorous mind

I run with  the setting sun

Looking always to condense eternal joy in a moment


Contracted fibers and aggressive thoughts

I stretch my soul with the radiant moonlight

Wishing  always to perfect the activity of life.

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Day 160



Magic abounds far and near

– eyes that see and ears that hear

Interpret the magic through science’s math

– few remain who trod along magic’s path

Now the sun has its power that is strong

– to say otherwise is to falter in the wrong

More than that the radiant moon is better

– leaving earth without bonds and the fetter

The sun has strength of heat and to dry

– where the moon can heal with a sigh

She can disappear many times a year

– while the sun consistently must be here

There are few here who can walk magic’s path

– for society abides the science’s  tragic math

Eyes that see and ears that can hear

– show that magic abounds far and near

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Day 159

Washing Dishes


More often than not

I am taken away with

My hands in soapy waters


Filling the sink with waters hot

Sponge in hand, I scrub the dish

Thoughts come and go as the mess is cleaned


As the plates enter the watery mess

Soaking in their nightly bath

My mind starts to distill the dross of the day


And by the time  the task  is done

I find that not only are the dishes clean

I find that my mind is as well

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