Day 145



You are greater than you thought

You inhale great draughts of clouds

And exhale the mists of the steppes


You are larger than you thought

You keep the moon within your eye

And the sun within your smile


You are more beautiful than you thought

You keep the rainbows upon your brow

And toss the shooting stars through your hair


When you cry, the sky cries

When your anger burns, the lands dry

When you are happy, the butterfly dances

– You instill meanings throughout nature

– and nature does the same to you


When you erupt, the volcanoes erupt

When you moan, the winds howl

When you kiss, the tides beckon the shore

– What you do is imprinted throughout all nature

– What nature does is imprinted through your actions


You are more inspiring than you thought

You contain the mountains within your heart

And the valleys upon your pliant skin


You are more wonderful than you thought

You keep eternity bound within your mind

And the present moment upon your lips


You are grander than you thought

You take in great vats of sky

And extol the holy plains of earth


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