Day 148

Past Pains



My pent up anger

– Lately found withered and dead

Transforms into loathing

– Always sought deprecating and wild

Disperses into fleeting winds

– Free flowing and always gentle

Subsides into a love

– Sufferable and lonely as a breath



My aching loneliness

– Forever looming in winsome dread

Confuses the troubled mind

– Always seeks to turn a child

Regains the certitude of doubt

– Clear cutting of all that matters

Returns again to a solitude

– Attainable and resolving as a breath



My past resolved

– Forever gone never to dread

Transforms to the present

– Lasting moments yet to be filed

Dispersing the sand of the hours

– Never taking time out for rental

Leads to a distant future

– Always hopeful with a renewed breath


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