Day 153

Giving Love Requires Nothing


Know that my love for your ideal

is not so fickle that it requires

your love in return

It isn’t, no it isn’t


I would give you my heart

More than my possessions

if you only extended your hand

I would, oh! I would


To you I serve my heart

Bloody raw and vulnerable

Unguarded from the pain of the world

I give, the things I would give-


I am not fettered by your inactivity

I know that you will givewhat you can

And in time all that you are capable of

I know, of this I know all too well


Let it be standing on this day

That I give you my heart on a platter

Open, raw and vulnerable to your whims

I do this, and I would do so much more


My ideal does not require from you

The same love, or even a symbiotic likeness

that I bestow towards you and your ideal

I know this, and still I give all that I have to you.



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