Day 154

Juxtaposed Dualities Merge


When depressed spirits roam the elated sky

The jovial souls plunge deep within dark crevices

To seek always what you already know

Allows the growining soul stagnate to die


It is better still, if you have a joyful disposition

To go searching for that which you don’t comprehend

Explore the darker realm to find ingenious beauty

Seizes our heart and sets our soul to relocation


Seeing only the dread of days and wailing of night

It is wise to confront the opposition and bask

In the radiant sunlight to foster the growth

Of a new stem of thought and know gain more sight


To bind together two ends of the same rope

Our perception will garner stranger bravery

Imbuing within us a ephermal and somber beauty

Along with an eloquate and serene hope


For when depressed spirits roam the elated sky

And jovial souls plunge into the deep and dark abyss

Exploring both the light and dark side of the soul

Finding an unheld beauty and wholeness to constantly try.


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