Day 184

To swim


Flowing, floating, nearing the surface

Such a shame to miss the watery world below

One glimmering minute I see the corals and shells

Feeling the silt and sand between my toes

Joining with a school of silvery fish

Magnetic and alluring – bidding mä to come

Swimming fast, and nimbly I try to catch up

Slowing to bask in the sun warmed waters

I lounge with the best of the otters

Reclining on a slippery rock found in the sun

I lay around barking my inquiers to those who speak

Growing bored in this new wonderland I dive deep

Seeking solace from the divine mamals abound

Gliding effortlessly I join the ranks

Singing with the whales and speaking with dolphins

Getting joy in the moments actions and love through the instant

I finally come to surface to live in my own world


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