Day 188

The Gospel


I don’t condemn what has come before

Nor do I convert that still to come

Rather I leave all for their own following

I, myself am my own following


Few there are that have lived the gospel

No gospels of religious rites to speak

Neither are the gospels for impending circumstance

Rarer are that one unheard of gospel


I speak not for Mathew, Mark, Luck, and John

All holy in their artistic merit

Nor of the forgotten Gospels found in Egypt

Still a more ancient an d’ nobler gospel I ascribe to


I do not follow gospels of the Hinduism

Though great be Sri Ramaramakrisna

No I speak, breath, live, and love in one gospel

Thoreau and Whitman knew it well


This holy gospel is written in the rising sun

The words are whispered by the hum of nature’s song

The parables are bespoken by the wisest winds

The Gospel of the Moment fills my life with breath to speak


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