Day 193

The Healer


He moves with adept skill and wisdom

Watering his herbs and mixing his pastes

Channeling his knowledge of remedies

To fix an ailing neighbor


Consulting his garden for a specific plant

Taking root, leaf, stem and flower

Placing each part seperately on the counter

While the flower is in the mortar


Grinding it down to a meager paste

and adding in essences and an oil

Forming a salve for the rash of his neighbor

He works only to heal those in need


Consulting a book, he reads up on muscles

Retraining himself in the art of massage

Muscles sinews twisting around other muscles

He slowly relearns his anatomy


Practicing what he has read when the time comes

He lights some incense to clear the air

Gently he massages the aching pain away

Into a quickly fading memory


Sustaining life always is his craft

and he does it very well

In healing all who cross his path

He ultimately heals his distant past


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