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Day 225

A Conversation


Oh, my delicate flower –

Did you hear it?

Our kiss spoke volumes to the universe


No, my persistent bee –

I could not hear what was sung

For the echo of yesterday’s sorrows

Filled my ears from

The hymn of today’s glory


Though  dark

Was the night

Our day has finally broken –


As the sun may wrinkle

Your fragile skin – it also

Blushes your cheeks


Though  the wind may tear

Off your husks of withered faith – it also

Persuades you to dance  wildly.


And if that weren’t enough to rejoice

The rejuvenating water will inflame

Your passionate heart with vigor


So rejoice today

And let us speak

Volumes to the universe

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Day 224

Come, Child


Oh child of History

come and speak to me

Whisper the wisdom of ages

into my eager ear


Please lover of mine

come to me at the dead of night

Tell me hopes and fears

let me comfort you in your need


Oh child of history

speak to me of times gone by

Tell me your stories

set into the books for school


Please lover of mine

come secretly at night

Crawl into my sheets and tell me

the secrets of your heart


Oh child of history

tell me the secrets

That only the past hold to

the eternal flame of knowledge


Please lover of mine

let not my caresses go unfelt

Turn to me and look me in the eye

show me how it feels to be loved

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Day 223

A Day Worth Living


Tears of the day

Balance the scales of joy

Forming a symbiotic relativity

For Life to exist with death


Joys of night

Sustain the scales of tranquility

Causing chaos within

the vigilant heart



Aversion melds with

Avarice adding to

Delusion confusing the mind

Always dissolving purity


Life leads the way to

Love adding to the infusion of’

Laughter biding the time to

Live a life filled with the attributes of joy


Today, a day of all days

We require to Laugh

Proudly and loud, to Cry

Unabashed and brave and Think


Fulfilling these tasks

We come to fully live a day

A day worth living balanced

A day posited with love


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Day 222



You have given me a gift

Wrapped up with a warning

Urging me to keep a secret

And covet your gift silently


I have given you my gift

Painted on a wall for all to see

No secrets are worth keeping private

For the whispers of today will be shouted tomorrow


So I proclaim my message

And give you my gift publicly

I give you my heart-shaped box

Filled with all the treasures of my soul


While you stand timidly

Whisper your secrets into my ear

And privately give me your gift

The mirror held within your soul

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Day 221

I pray 


It is to you

to you I pray

Not for desires

nor for help


It is for you

for your betterment

That I pray to you

to lift you up


Where you belong

yet have fallen to us

So I pray to you

for your ascension


When you are

where you belong

You inspire all

who look up to you


So I pray to you

giving all my soul

With the hopes

you will inspire the world

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Day 220

The Morning’s Glory


The glory of the morning

Starts with the morning  glory

Stretching stalk and stem upward

Rising to meet the mounting sun


Stretching her petals outwards far

Invites visitors of plenty still to come

Giving them what they want, they do her bidding

The push and pull of life compels


Standing erect and tall

The flower finally falls short

Drawing her petals to her side

Giving a bow for all the world to see

– She rests for the night


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Day 219

Perfect Beauty


Thinking perfection

Lies ahead of you as an

Ungraspable goal

Or do you pretend to think

That it is here now

In this peculiar moment

Holding perfection at last


Like perfection, time

Holds to no claims or notions

Yet is eternal

Within a single moment

And in that moment

Infinite perfection resides

With a beauty undenied

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Day 218

Blue Sky


Skies of Curelean Blue

I take delight in you

Gazing always upward

Drawing my eyes forward

Seeing always your cloudless skies

Blinds my longing evanescent eyes

Wandering  around the labyrinth of city’s street

I feel the blazing  orb burning up it’s heat

To gaze up blindly to view the burning star

I strain my eyes to see just as far

Undeterred, I still look high

To see the infinite blue sky

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Day 217



Release the energy

always trapped within

Feel it run up your spine


Increase the presence

Laying unknown

Let it twist spiraling up


Feel the creative wells

Tempting to overflow

Let it wash your body clean


Drive the energy 

always upward

Until it breaks through you mind


Release the energy

Always trapped within

Feel it run up your spine

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Day 216



Rejoice in your life to take a breath and create

Stratify the ideas within your to mind to remake

Life lends to life as breath leads towards more breath

Sanctifying breaths through lives lived before death

Easier still it is, to create with a mind of love

Sending passions benign away and far above

The call of duty to all that walk this earth

Is to live with love, to create and give your worth

The Divine Mother calls to you on a daily basis

To nurture you until your mind becomes an oasis

Returning  back to the creative source within you

Life shall create again that which was once new

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