Day 202

Daily Life


On the bus I sit

looking around

Finding everyone always

immersed in their own world

– A world of their own making


Ear buds are in

Music is playing

Not seeing what is around  them

– blind to see what they are a part of


Walking along the sidewalk

Looking at the people passing by

None looking back at me

– Consumed by their technology


Sitting by the central fountain

Many souls converging

Yet always distant and secure

– Not allowing others within their bubble


Smiling to all who cross my path

Amiable and glad to be so

I am often met with scorn

– Forgotten is the wisdom of ages past


Heading back after a weary day

I am met by a different spirit

Smiling at me, I am greeted with a hug

–  Give the love you wish to receive and it will come!


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