Day 203

A Day Unlike All Other Days


The leaky morning tears fall

My eyes bleary from the nights frost

My somber soul felled in the waking forest


I wake to accomplish deeds left undone

Wandering full of aim, true to myself and only so

I see the fog rise from the toes of the grass to my leafy head


Stretching my branches out

The cinders of the soul burns to embers

Emboldening me to capture the sun in your eyes


Contorting the laboring words to chop

I extend my laughable finger towards your sight

Looking always for the heir-apparent in all the rites


The fields have been toiled over

Often for much less than bargained for

I sit and relax glimpsing the moon in your hair


Work done, and the beauty has been seen

I drink in the night’s celestial brew

Leaving the words and word of tomorrow for then



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