Day 205



Greatness exists in the inconspicuous and minute details

Extending the moment in suspended time

Allowing the greatness within each of us

To distill our meager works into auspicious accomplishments


Greatness lies  at the base of all performances

Letting the spectator  the detect  the greatness where it lies

Holding the performer accountable for the works therein created

Standing breath for breath as the mind works to unravel the essence


Greatness holds the actions to the times and motives  from which it came

Garnering not awards, nor wishing to receive prestige from society

Accepting nothing but the best of the abilities of the able-bodied people

Succeeding in inspiring the aspirations and genius of generations to come


Greatness is contained in an action but perseveres through ages

Lifting the tide of minds coming from that moment on

Carrying with the onslaught of time, the greatness contained

For the greatness that is shown to us today, exists in us today!


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