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Day 254 renewed

Mary Hannah Waling


Making decisions bright and true

always thinking of others too

rendering life of selfless acts

yields the heart unto bitter facts


Helping all those who cross the path

amends the spirit in the holy bath

nurturing life with an altruistic hand

nurses humanity within time’s sand

altering lives with a hopeful glance

heeds the warnings of helpful stance


Washing the sores of life away

awakes the humble cries to stay

lifting others who themselves cannot lift 

ignites the passion and closes the rift

not shying away from a person in need

grants the wisdom to aid and to feed

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Day 254

Michelle Diane Allanson


Merging histories and stories true

Incubates  life in a precious crew

Changing perceptions with a present grace

Heals the wounded heart in constant space

Elevating souls to a holy writ

Levels the body, mind, soul fit

Learning constantly to find peace anew

Earns a transcendence whole and true


Daring never to be the last

Instills a feverish idealism past

Always aiding other in happier times

Nurtures freedom in choice and rhymes

Entering precarious moments from the past


Always seeking to enlighten our spirit

Lists the past and present as one to hear it

Lapping the edges of life with a sweetened kind

Accepts the position of life in a celebrated mind

Nearing the truth of love in a likened heart

Senses the presence of a living act of art 

Opening the channels of a heart always renewed

Nurtures the path of life through love proved

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Day 253



The swelling tides

of passionate love


the gentle creek

of familial pride.


Pulsating currents

jettison  meager


Dragging them

downward to cold



Despairing depths

Madden hopeful


Instilling spirits

with dampening and torpid



Receding waves

Ebb the eternal


Receiving passions

Insures infinity

within loved and loving


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Day 252 part duex



Riding the cerebral waves

of musical genius

Drifts the under-toe

frightening and new

Leads each of us

in a zephyr of our own

exploring the realms

hidden to the wide awake



Gliding effortlessly

through the lightened chasm

Seeing wholly new ideas

expressed without the sacred

use of eternal words

Intuiting them through

the always vibrant language

of infinite possibilities through



Seeking external expression

through misdirection and

erroneous conclusions

Each of us looks with

transparent eyes unto a

field wholly wrapped in a gray

abyss adding the colors

of our imagination to seek truth



Surfacing renewed

invigorated from the depths

beyond transcendental thought

We come to live a life new

To fashion an art of acts

and to sing a song of impassioned

truth without regard of the casualties

in the wake of thoughts sacred


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Day 252

The Truth Within


In search of myths and heroes

I come across a strong legend

A tale of peril and triumph

A story of life renewed


In search of meaning and purpose

I found my calling in looking

Towards a brighter face

In the light of aged beauty


In search of joy and love

I have come finally to you

Sanctum Santorum

Stranger in my heart


Finding merit and worth

I come to praise you

The being within me

and always within us all


Finding truth and grace

I seek to wield a higher strength

Letting loose my armaments

With the thought of loving vulnerability


Finding always in the end

the myths, legends and heroes

all live within an act

deep-rooted in every beating heart



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Day 251

A Breakfast Outside


A breakfast outside

sitting under the rain

Each drop falling tear

cleanses sorrow and pain


Some fresh fruit

moistened and wet

nourishes the body

souls not joined yet


Thinking of life’s own

a purpose yet to come

The travesty of our life

self-made purpose for some


Feeling each drop

as it continues to fall

Meshing cold and damp

in the warm body’s call

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Day 250 part 3

The Crucible


Experiences differ with a changing mind

Always seeking an explanation to find

Running through the gauntlet to see

that time and experiences will always be

the big crucible of our lasting time

The way we purify our soul’s crime

Indulging ourselves with toxins once more

Soon to cleanse our thought’s hopeful core

Condemning mystical experiences in the past

Science rebukes the rites of a religious fast

Elevating the strength of a condescending mind

Forgetting the eternal knowledge left to find

Leaving only the time and experiences new

As our crucible of purity for a soul that’s true

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Day 250 renewed

The Girl Nobody Knows


Distilling the truth

from the ubiquitous lies

She lives contentedly

among the decaying souls

Giving her love eternal

to all that please her readily

Ephemeral chaos reign

within her still beating heart

Choosing to react with patience

within the realm of impassioned choice

She silently loves to live

within the holy city of the dead

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Day 250



Life – that grand celebration

Prolonged by the span of time

Creations abounding

all in ceremony and pomp

To  conclude one them

throughout all life

That it is a wondrous event to live


Life – that grand kaleidoscope

filled with colorful figures

Shining brightly for all to see

and more importantly to give

cause for the bringing of merriment

To let your color shine brightly

for the painting of  life is incomplete without you


Life – the heavenly song

always sung aloud with congregation

Each voice harmonizing with the whole

For each note in the master’s work

is sung wholly intact within the heart

of each living being filled with passions anew

To form the hymn that praises all of life true


Life – the given breathe of all

Breathing in and exhaling  out

The act of sacred breath lies within

Coalescing acceptance with each breath

Everyone fortifies their passions

To breath the new air for our renewal

In  the act of renewing their sacred breath



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Day 249



Accolades will pass

as time slips by

Fortifying positions

concede stray thoughts




Forgetting the sentiment

as you inherit awards

Strengthening positions

forges brittle hopes




Changing ideas with people

as dreams fall apart

Accolades will pass

as sentiment is forgot

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