Day 238

Valley of Tears


Breath by painful breath

Step by woeful step

I head towards a destination unsought


Taking the path of few before

Giving the avenue due reverence

I meander sorrowfully


Trekking over the mountains

Those peaks filled with wild despair

Grieving for what is lost


Each mournful step

Leads me one step closer

Seeking to find the Valley of  Tears


Painfully lamenting the death

That regrettable loss of dreams

And of a hope denied


Arriving in the valley

Misty with tearful eyes

I collapse in a fit of wails


Grieving for a lonely path

Not deterring anyone to follow

Allowing only myself to venture there


In the desolate lands

With  mountains of despair

And a valley filled of dead tears


I sentence myself here

To live among the wails

And misty tears of lamenting eyes


To abide with others

Who have denied themselves

Their hope and dreams as I have




I came  to here

To this desolate lands

Without a glimmer of gladness


I have sullied my soul

Masking my grieving heart

With a wistful and loving joy


Always uplifting others

Never to acknowledge my place

And to live comfortably with denial


Not allowing myself to truly see

The complete state that my heart is in

To surrender myself to my own passions


I have blinded my eyes

In the hopes of convincing my mind

To live with the ideals of love


Confusing my muddled mind

To live with the perfections of ideals

Instead of the raw reality of imperfect life


There in the Valley of Tears

I come  to learn yet  another

Lesson from this life




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