Day 241

The Crystal Mountain


Legend tells us

of a mountain

shrouded in

eternal mystery


A mountain


out of crystal

The soul of Earth


Hidden amidst

The roof of the world

Deep within

The ravine of Himalaya


A perfect pyramid

Lies in the obtuse range

Keeping the world secrets

Well hidden within


Inside the warm cavern

Etched with creeping waters

Lies the secret ferry

Ready for the new transport


Leaving the sacred port

The ferry traverses the waters

Looking out into the horizon

The scene is reflected always  within


The lake of Reflections

bares witness to humanity

It reflects back to us

our honor-bound mission


Always reflecting not out past

for we will soon learn that in life

But reflecting our future in hopes

To remind us of what is to come


Coming and going

the spirits inhabit us

Lending to evolution

of the united soul


Once here

soon to go

we live

our short life


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