Day 252 part duex



Riding the cerebral waves

of musical genius

Drifts the under-toe

frightening and new

Leads each of us

in a zephyr of our own

exploring the realms

hidden to the wide awake



Gliding effortlessly

through the lightened chasm

Seeing wholly new ideas

expressed without the sacred

use of eternal words

Intuiting them through

the always vibrant language

of infinite possibilities through



Seeking external expression

through misdirection and

erroneous conclusions

Each of us looks with

transparent eyes unto a

field wholly wrapped in a gray

abyss adding the colors

of our imagination to seek truth



Surfacing renewed

invigorated from the depths

beyond transcendental thought

We come to live a life new

To fashion an art of acts

and to sing a song of impassioned

truth without regard of theĀ casualties

in the wake of thoughts sacred



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