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Day 285

The Tome Of Life


The tome of life

lies hidden from eyes

Locked by duality

lurking in our cries


Written in secret codes

is the future our acts mold

Enveloping daily acts

creates the myth for us to unfold


Absorbing personal ideals

that shall set our life’s tone

Constructs human growth

wholly for your own


Coming to realize

the universe is an effect

Baring the  cause of costs

that is creation’s affect


For the time has come

for everyone to awake

And unfold the myth

that we each create

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Day 284 part 2

What I Have, What Have You


I have a rhythm deep inside me

that only you can sing to


My life is a sequestered riddle

and you are the wandering answer


I have the sight of angles

and you are the vision of God


I am the effect of life transparent

and you are the cause of insolvent truth


I have the key to the forbidden domain

and you are the lock that blocks the path


I am the call that goes out at night

and you are the answer that returns at day

can we never join to sing the rites of eternity?


You are the wind that blows from afar

and I am the fragrance that wafts merrily


You are the mountain that inspires awe

and I am the sky that acts as your backdrop


You have the melody that roams freely

and I am the harmony that balances rhythm


You are the water that nourishes all life

and I am the temperate sun that brings warmth


You have the breath which instills peace

I am the mind which dictates aggressive action


You are the inspiration of the artist’s mind

I am the muse that tempts the creation divine

Can we never join to sing the rites of eternity?

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Day 284

The Land of Music


I desire to go

always to the lands brought forth

where the music lives

Flower blossoms sing aloft

melodious scents

While the birds harmonize

with the evanescent wind


Come and join me

we shall find this hidden place

To sing the chorus

with the always laughing trees

And dance sacred hymns

In the solemn and dewy morn

that eternity wakes up


Wandering with joy

I come to find in the end

that whole and blessed

lands of infinite music

that awakens us

and rouses our still beating

heart lies everywhere we go

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Day 283

I Want You


I want you to reach

Grasping for my heart

A glimmer of contact

-release of emotions


I want you to extend

Grabbing my soul

Wish for immersion

– incubating feelings


I want you to take

Wanting to behold my spirit

In the infinite flesh

– eternal love


-Infusing longings

Creates a stirring within

Gripping my loving heart

I want you to extend


– Sharing infinite love

Creates precarious moments

Instill passions in faith

I want you to want


– Extending passions

Gaining my shining soul

Manifests a passive desire

I want you

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Day 282

The Gift


I received a gift

Given with love from a friend

Who received it when

her time was right to receive

It was given when

I was ready to receive

And I shall give it

to you when your time is right

and you will and the same too


Take this gift with love

and know that it came from me

and goes on to you

And I take this notion true

That you will pass on

Continuing the chain of

giving which links us

in the perpetual cycle

of enlivened love for all

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Day 281

Open Your Eyes


Open your eyes now

and look with receptive awe

Do you wish to see

all that goes unnoticed and

close your eyes to pain

If it were me, I would want

to see all that can be seen


So open up your eyes

and more than that, your heart too

for beauty is more

it’s a feeling deep within

expressing itself

within a fleeting moment

to exalt your whole being


So stop your musings

and feel the beauty around

and look about you

to see the polarizing

grace within your heart

being manifested in

the grand world before your eyes

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Day 280

An Ocean of Pearls


There has ever been

since the beginning

a fierce grace flowing

through veins of life’s kin


The ocean of strife

is filled with sparkles

bangles coming out of pearls

in the opportunity of life


Within the forest of pearls

Life begets life changed

experience falters along

the blurred path that life curls


Looking about the sky

carved with glorious gems

rendering the seeing eyes blind

Tempting everyone in a gasping cry


Within the ocean of infinite gem

lies hidden a fierce grace

directing our paths without will

always along the way to her or him

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