Day 260 part deux

I Am The Mountain


I am the mountain

Whose mysteries

Shrouded by ancient



I am the mountain

Stripped bare

Naked before the world

Ravaged by the winds of change


I am the mountain

Dripping wet with tears

Falling from skies divine

Nurturing the surrounding world


I am the mountain

Sitting aloft and high above

A visionary purity

Setting aspirations for all who see me


I am the mountain

Clothed by a green swath

Housing beasts aplenty

Within my sheltering heart


I am the mountain

Confusing and cold

Blinding all who come near

With a debilitating brightness


I am the mountain

Deep rooted in the earth

Coming up from the bowels of hell

To show the path to heaven


I am the mountain

Sheathed by a  loneliness

Known only by the few who visit

To seek out knowledge of the ancients


I am the mountain

Long is my life

Forgetting naught but myself

I meditate on the moment


I am the mountain

Called by numerous names

Answering to each and all

I consent to always challenge and give


I am the mountain

Dressed in a misty fashion

Clouding the thoughts of all who gaze

Yet, in the end, clarifying their minds


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