Day 267

The Shipwreck


A glorious ship all decked by gems

Sparkles as a flame upon water

Quickly gliding over silver waters

Always weary to veer of the present current


Coming fast upon unknown life

The ship jolts to a stop

Breaking  the rutter off  the keel

Surprisingly falls and sinks in the sea


Becoming shipwrecked all at sea

Brews heartily at life

Destruction and creation

Propels us to the maddening waters


Tide by tide we swim hard

Pulling our weight against

Struggling mightily forward

Always seeking the sandy shores


Finally emerging from the waters

Wet, wild, loud, and tired

Aimlessly we wander the shore

That vast shore of learning


Walking there to learn the names

Ambling here to learn ideas

Little by little at first we learn

Coming at last to learn the coarse sands of time


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