Day 278

Two Paradigms


A demon came to me


forlorn wisdoms

from ancient realms


First he told me

with a pure heart true

to focus on the sins

of my heart to purify life


The second truth

he quietly spoke:

Focus on the darkness

of thoughts to seek

delivery from evil


The third and final

truth utter in secret vane:

Always look towards

illness to seek

a healthy body


Do these three things and

your heart, mind and body

will reach everlasting salvation…


Seeing the demon exit

brought anxiousness

towards my heart

Lending itself  to

ravaged peril

only the deepest souls may know


Then an angel appeared

speaking his truths from

holy writ and right

by the living universe


Claiming to have

three truths all his own

to make amends to

the tortured man


Speaking quietly

he proclaimed the first:

Focus only upon

the purified heart

loving  each moment

and it shall be granted


Leaning closer

he enunciated:

Focus on the goodness

of thoughts and humanity

and it will be yours


With gasping breath

he finally uttered:

Focus your attention

not on illness, but only

on health, and your body

shall always be healed.


Looking down  upon me

he graciously smiled


Soaking in each paradigm

I come to realize

the power of focus will

always bring to you

that which you focus on.




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