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Day 312

I Return At Night


I return at night

from the fastidious journey

Transported me body and mind

To realms wholly unknown

I lost all hope and will to live

Walking through

Darkening clouds descend

Pelting my feeble body

with icy balls of wrath

and drowning me in grief


I return at night

Cold, wet, and miserable

Emerging from the raging tempest


enter a new arena to face the tempest

inside myself

seeking little help with even less hope


I return at night

I – who see symbols in all things

take these scissors to my head

in an attempt to murder

who I was for a greater birth to come

With each snip change progresses onward

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Day 311

Musings Of The Night


Delicate matters of an austere


– delirious mind abetted by karmic



Pristine remnants of our broken


– infections wounds formed by flawed



Fruitful functions of the capable


– faithful habits settle the muddied



Delicious smile of the watchful


– sublime thoughts sojourns our languid



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Day 310

When I Wasn’t Ready


I wasn’t ready

when she came into my life

lifting my spirits

with a lasting hope and care

No, I wasn’t there

at all when she came to me

entering my conscious heart


I wasn’t ready

when she got up and left me

Replacing hope with

a melancholic despair

Taking with her joy

that we had nourished and grew

into everlasting peace


Now I am ready

with everyone departed

Standing by myself

I look out into the dark

hoping to see light

where once was a blaze burning

through the stifling darkness


Now I stand pleading

return the inspiration

that you freely gave

aiding me in my quest for truth

Please come back to me

my muse and restore visions

that inculcate me to write


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Day 309

The Time Traveler


There lies within

A devious time traveler

capable of elevating passions

and dragging hopes down to fate


There lies within

a brochure of life

showing delights in happiness

and pains from dangerous pitfalls


There lies within

recordings of delicate songs

praising life with a joyous heart

and begging for relief with a deprecated soul


There lies within

a mischievous accountant

subtracting all the precious moments

and adding pain with a delicious sneer


There lies within

A malevolent time traveler

taking us where we direct our thoughts

by imposing opinions on factual remembrances

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Day 308

What I Am


I am

the empty vase

ornate and beautiful

– divorced from my purpose


I am

the last thread

frayed and bare

– stretched and wearing thin


I am

the shattered mirror

sharp, and clear

– reflection a distorted truth


I am

the dirty dishrag

used and neglected

– working without acclaim

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Day 307

Sunday Morning


Sunday morning when people go to church

I neglect my duties to sit beneath a birch

Musing aloud that God was not to be found

Attending mass with Nature living all around

So I looked towards the heavens sitting idly by

Watching the clouds pass through the cerulean sky

Listening to the birds sing joyfully all day

I lounge in the shade accepting the thoughts that stray

To find myself lost within a thought’s trance

I see myself at market where ideals sell chance

– ” How much is a bushel of your finest holy love?”

“A life of devotion to the beloved sitting above.”

-” And what is the price for a basket of pride

“That’s a steep cost that even death cannot hide.”

“Can I offer you some kindness, maybe an ear or two?”

“That and tender humility for life’s trust is true.”

Leaving the market, I find myself once more

Musing beneath the tree of life grasping at truth’s core

Breathing fresh air in the fields of God’s holy sight

I fuse together beauty with life’s brilliant light

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Day 306 part 2

Hearts And Minds 


Within your mind is a generous magnet

Attracting, Pulsating, Imbuing rapid wishes

Within my soul is an honest desire

Compelling, Detailing, Containing empathy’s wish

Within our hearts burns the lover’s candle

Kindling, Lighting, Igniting passions to soar


There is a subtle beauty within my mind

Dwelling, Propelling, Prompting me forward

There is a transparent truth within your soul

Burning, Baptizing, Purifying the living realms

There is a mystical love within our hearts

Blending, Molding, Forming the path of life


There is a curious spark within your eye

Intriguing, Confusing, Drawing my heart to yours

There is a tireless energy within my acts

Jumping, Running, Walking always to you

There is a divine force within our hearts

Pumping, Contracting, Pulsating love to the world


Within your graceful spirit I yearn to live

Contented, Sated, Joyful filled with amour

Within my exuberant thoughts I rightly swim

Dancing, Prancing, Playing with every subtle stirring

Within our diligent hearts a flower blooms

Pollinating,  Creating, Endowing beauty in life


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Day 306



Now the day is gone

And the days work is finished

I lay in my bed

made with my life’s deeds and time

When I think back now

I see a life of endless

moments filled with joys abound


Watching memories

pass by, one moment sticks out

from all the others

The joy of laughing with you

shared in common life

while gently caressing

your lovely hand and a laugh


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Day 305



Sadness in the eyes

cries the mourner’s tale

Spurring the torrents

for our anguishing souls to sail

Tears in the voice

tear at the heart

Begging circumstances

for a new start

Shakes in the hand

speak of life’s secret lost

Always pressing forward

surpasses the total cost

A tremor in the soul

rips flames across the sky

Swelling fuels the passionate flood

Seeing the sadness in the eye

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Day 304

Always Abound


With beauty in the eyes

and love in the heart

the lover heartily sings

Always abound for love dwells within


With holy visions in the eyes

and prophecy in the body

the seeker of life heartily sings

Always abound for god dwells within


With a glass full of mead

and a belly full of wine

the drunkard heartily sings

Always abound for joy dwells within


With an ear full of harmony

and a voice of melody

the musician heartily sings

Always abound for music dwells within


With rhythm in the soul

and dexterity in the body

the dancer heartily sings

Always abound for rhythm dwells within


With colors  in the eye

and textures in life

the painter heartily sings

always about for beauty dwells within


With humanity in the heart

and humble piety in the world

the god and goddess heartily sings

Always abound for life dwells  within

Always abound for life dwells within

Always abound for life dwells within

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