Day 286

What Is It?


What is it my dear

that frightens you so

that you start to tremble

and the shakes take you over?


What is it you hear, my darling?

is it the secrets of a lonesome heart,

or the stirring of tempting soul?

Can you feel desires rising in a raging heart,

or the sympathies of an beleaguered mind?


What is this sense you have

that agitate your ever calming waves

Where have these frightful things come

That startle you as they do?


Tell me my dear

and share your grief with me

your lover, your friend

Share this secret of yours




I tell you my ever present joy

this feeling that strikes terror

comes not from the whispers

of the silent cries of the  houri


Nor do these phantasms of plight

come from the woeful cries

wailing from the hearts

of forgotten lovers


Rather this frightening song

comes to me from my own

passionate, bleeding heart

fearful of complete vulnerability


Now listen my lover

and listen well not with ears,

for the song that comes from me

is for our hearts only


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