Day 294

My Hope


My  hope

envelopes truth’s desire

conspiring with beauty

to sing our souls hymn


To view

the world out there

is to proudly dance to

creation’s hypnotic rhythm


My dream

dwells in the lover’s eye

imbuing clarity where

the chaotic mind resides


To hold

the world within

with contemptuous sneer

releases the viral fears


My vision

endows life’s eternal flow

Transmuting gains to losses

Fixing the spirit inside desires gained


To taste

Just desserts made

actions through contempt

divulge sweetened urges


My  visage

usurps the world I know

diverting the waters of creation

into fuelage for later generations


To hear

etches celestial melodies

upon the righteous soul

solidifies truth throughout


My personage

describes all that is not seen

claiming to know what is felt

as wisdom is its own proof


To smell

calamities from afar

draws in the reigns

to find them closer still


My hope

unfolds desire’s truth

tempting always beauty

to blend our soul’s color


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