Day 306 part 2

Hearts And Minds 


Within your mind is a generous magnet

Attracting, Pulsating, Imbuing rapid wishes

Within my soul is an honest desire

Compelling, Detailing, Containing empathy’s wish

Within our hearts burns the lover’s candle

Kindling, Lighting, Igniting passions to soar


There is a subtle beauty within my mind

Dwelling, Propelling, Prompting me forward

There is a transparent truth within your soul

Burning, Baptizing, Purifying the living realms

There is a mystical love within our hearts

Blending, Molding, Forming the path of life


There is a curious spark within your eye

Intriguing, Confusing, Drawing my heart to yours

There is a tireless energy within my acts

Jumping, Running, Walking always to you

There is a divine force within our hearts

Pumping, Contracting, Pulsating love to the world


Within your graceful spirit I yearn to live

Contented, Sated, Joyful filled with amour

Within my exuberant thoughts I rightly swim

Dancing, Prancing, Playing with every subtle stirring

Within our diligent hearts a flower blooms

Pollinating,  Creating, Endowing beauty in life



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