Day 307

Sunday Morning


Sunday morning when people go to church

I neglect my duties to sit beneath a birch

Musing aloud that God was not to be found

Attending mass with Nature living all around

So I looked towards the heavens sitting idly by

Watching the clouds pass through the cerulean sky

Listening to the birds sing joyfully all day

I lounge in the shade accepting the thoughts that stray

To find myself lost within a thought’s trance

I see myself at market where ideals sell chance

– ” How much is a bushel of your finest holy love?”

“A life of devotion to the beloved sitting above.”

-” And what is the price for a basket of pride

“That’s a steep cost that even death cannot hide.”

“Can I offer you some kindness, maybe an ear or two?”

“That and tender humility for life’s trust is true.”

Leaving the market, I find myself once more

Musing beneath the tree of life grasping at truth’s core

Breathing fresh air in the fields of God’s holy sight

I fuse together beauty with life’s brilliant light


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  1. 1

    Tells a wonderful story. Well done! 🙂

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