Day 334

Inside, Outside


Inside you

is a power unmatched

a power to preceive

with new eyes always


Inside me

is a power unknown

a power to love

without reason or gain


Outside you

is a power uniform and whole

a power to grow undaunted

and create new life


Outside me

is a power strong and true

a power to receive

without tallying bad and good


Inside us

is a power tried and perfected

a power accept all

without hostility or blame


Inside others

is a power complete and resplendent

to give gratitude

for what time has wroght


Outside us

is a power unique and new

a power to see beauty

in all things present


Outside others

is a power found and used

a power to distill life

from innocuous matter


Inside life

is a power proven

a power to conceive

a life worthy of love


Outside life

is a power chosen

a power to receive

a love worthy of our life


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