Day 336

I Seek You Out


I seek you out

you muse of a thousand thought

ages have praised you

and ages have hated you

You temptress of inspiration

I seek you out


I call you out

you lover of thousand lands

Men have given you their hearts

Women have given you their love

You fickle fiend of the moment

I call you out


I count you numbered

you wicked spirit of insipid beauty

Poisoning the best minds with false hope

Dancing on the graves of vanquished dreams

You vile friend of antiquarian means

I count you numbered


I call you out

you voracious dreamer of truth denied

Men have departed from their paths for you

Women have offered up their futures for you

You tantalizing houri of seduction

I call you out


I seek you out

You wonder of a wisdom’s heads

We sacrifice for your divine homage

We give for your sacred faith

You thousand petal flower

I seek you out


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  1. 1

    Kharma said,

    Did you happen to write this for me? đŸ˜‰
    Stellar site, friend.

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