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Hitherto Unknown

The River Still Flows On


Setting down on a paper stream

Ink bubbles through the bleeding lung

Ideas formed from contaminated seams

spitting foam and rabid words are flung

– And still the river flows on


Detailed plans raises the banks

Cementing actions fortify levees

strong of mind and hard of thanks

Asserts the dam of actions heavy

– And still the river flows on


Disdained hearts forge new boulders

Claiming for once the whole part

Ernest feelings on sore shoulders

Receding as the ocean sets to start

– And still the river flows on

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A Glimpse

The Unveiling


A glimpse of a soul


naught but the whole


Imbuing your delicate pleasure


pain in good measure


Taking in a new breath


from life creative death


Catching a delicious sight


beauty¬† in the heart’s height


A subtle glimpse of the soul


all but the whole

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Three Women, Three Games

Samsara, Mara, and Karma


Through this wily game

Samsara drinks

from the Suma root

beguiling her dress

pulling her tress

sullying her press


With this wicked trick

Mara breaths

filth ridden air

polluting our minds

defiling the body’s rinds

marring the sacred blinds


Within this drunken farce

Karma plays

a nasty game of give and take

denying our right

negating the fight

confusing the sight

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Spectre of Brilliance

There She Was


There she was – always standing alone

Looking about- – wanting soon to atone

Look around – gauging meanings through sight

Staying near – – desiring his right


There she was – forever abound

Graceful touch – – where love’s around

Standing firm –¬† shining from above

Distill life – – with the flight of a dove


There she was – lingering within her eyes

Soon approaching – – the spectre of brilliance lies

Coming for me – she drops her guard to see

Speaking silence – – her hands reach for me


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The Soul Speaks

Through Broken Things


Our spirits flows on

living in fragile bodies

unknown to exist

until the day of fate came

and removed from sight

those garments of esteemed costs

Revealing all at once love


The soul stays quiet

Residing in empty sounds

Disposing of words

for a greater impact of

distilled meanings through

wayfaring acts to reveal

the truth of gratitude seen


The spirits uplift

depressed bodies when they’re seen

and contain all truth

as a life is to be lived

within the scope of

the ever living heart and

speaks throughout the broken things

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River of Life

Current Of Freedom


As we land in the innocuous river

we are pushed into and out of the rapids of

audible causes and bombarded

by waves of inevitable effects.

We are pulled into eddies of creativity

and fight our way towards the gentle

pools of quiet spontaneity.

Through the breadth of time

We come to finally see

that the subtle current of freedom

directs each one of us down the

flowing river of life.

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Your Love

Pales in Comparison


Swimming in the sea

of cosmic love, flying through

the lights of heaven

above, or running in the

fields of abundance

pales in comparison to

drinking the dew of your love

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