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Live to Love

Love To Live



: the meaning is

the same

however it is

read –



right to left

left to right



However it is

read the message

is the same:


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To You


I wish to tell

how amazing you are

Inspiring all around

to see the intrinsic


lying dormant in each

of us


Your daily routine

and excess actions

bespeak austere

confidence and fierce

love.  It takes a brave

and noble soul

to exalt the love

residing in a lonely heart

to everyone who

crosses your path


Thank you for

generous deeds

imbuing the world

with intoxicating kindess

and unknown generosity.

Through time

and enduring patience

we may never meet,

but that means little

to the heart that

feels humanity and

eyes that glimpse eternity.


The peace dwelling

in your soul colors

the generosity of your actions

with abiding love and

unfettered gratitude. Thank

you for all you do, for all

you say, for all you give,

and for all you think –

you truly are a

wonder-worker and a

maker of miracles.


* Originally written as a letter to a complete stranger

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My past and my
Thoughts change
As time passes us
It’s not that I
But that meanings
Dissolve when understanding
Fails to compel
The mind to obedience

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Upon Waking

A Morning By A Lake


A shuttering sigh in mornings wake

insipid breaths that the heart to make

Subjugating thoughts to forlorn places

demurring transitions lights worn faces

Tinkering with emotion’s living might

squanders the beauty of the painful plight

Finally to the world wholly new and bright

to breath deep and knowing all is right

Voracious thoughts the mind soon replaces

condemning the life to always see new faces

Turning introspect to outward sights to make

these thoughts wash upon the banks of the lake

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Sleepless Nights

Rolling Thoughts


Sleepless thoughts around roll

like marbles in a shifting bowl

Clanging against an empty head

you close my eyes in our bed

Seeking asylum in the dark

sees me firing without a mark

Blazing passions temper the night

igniting water to drown the fight

Settling down with the midnight sun

sets ideas down for awkward fun

Coming to lay down my empty head

you close my eyes in our  lonely bed

Sleepless thoughts like to roll

the waking hours takes their toll

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Angels and Men

Seven Deadly Sins


With blood on our hands

stricken with fever unresigned

Temperature rising

fearfully clutching the sheets

We abide in unwholesome greed


With terror in our eyes

constituting jealocies

Swallows the bitterness

sating the desires

Fills history’s envy


With tear-stained linen

slipping through our hands

Waking in sobriety

love condemns the roused heart

Through platitudes of lust


With an iron grip

oil shines the gauntlet

Holds position with gesture

standing all alone

Filling the drink with pride


With a hand in pocket

the leaning tower crumbles

Once standing aloft

when dignity fell in shambles

Reaffirming itself in floundering sloth


With a hearkening ear

and an envisioned eye

Angles speak effulgency

muffled with misguided musings

Lending a stomach towards gluttony


With expedient heart

and unmatched strength

Men amongst cowards march

wielding the sword of ire

To sate their misfortunes with wrath

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The Land Of Dreams


Entering dreams

carves reality’s seams

Transmuting desires

confounds the high flyers

Transcend the night

pronounces the light

Uttering languid ideals

Sanguine thought conceals

Ascending to the day

forms the acts without delay

Benumbing the mind

Clears the room left to find

Re-fusing the high flyers

Transmits our desires

Craving reality left to seem

When we enter the land of dream

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Infinite Hearts, Eternal Eyes

Eternal Hearts and Infinite Eyes


Sequined eyes

sparkle with a radiance

felt in the warmth

of our eternal hearts


Gilded hands

emboss perfection

in  a golden hue

seen with infinite eyes


Sapphire breath

reflects beauty

in a crystalline sight

for those with infinite hearts


Emerald minds

endow a living nimbus

invigorating living love

To all with eternal hearts

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Elements of Life

Life Of Elements


Sanguine thoughts

urge the oceans


to move through

ebbs and flows


Sentimental hearts

propel the whispers


far away winds

to kiss your cheek


Passionate body

breathes gracious life


gentle movements

with distracted love

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Howling Cold


Perceptions vary

– as the wind howls cold

Altering thoughts

– hope fades to gold

Morphing changes

– feigns to see the mark

Guiding listlessly

– urges the fragile arc

Wildly ferral

– feeble minds grasp faith

Condemning nature

– nations send death’s wraith

Containing where and withal

– forgets natures nautical crescent

Omitting naught but life

– extols perfection in the present

Forever altering thoughts

– all hope fades to gold

Wide perceptions vary

– while the wind howls cold

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